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Monday, January 16, 2006

[C Says...] Sense

Humans have 5 senses and still produce non-sense !
Humans perceive the non-sense via some sense !!

Makes sense ? !!!


cosmicblob said...

Guruji - Dhanya ho ! :D


Eshwar said...

ah...daivamaaaa !!!

SamY said...

anjhu sense irukarudhunaale thaan adhu non-sense nu thereeyarudhu :p ... illai na it will make no-sense ;))

he he, idhu yeppadee iruku *smug* (lemme know if I shud wear a anti-rotten egg/tomato mask)


dhadha kalakkal post for the new year ;)

Arvind said...


long time no see :)

p.s : how come your word-verification(s) is(are) so short and easy :-? :P

Daivamaaaa or Deivameeeee ? :P

Exactly - that is why the second line, that says, you perc. non-sense via some other sense ;)

re:mask, i have asked for 'special preparation' that will by-pass the mask, will let you know once that is ready ;)

Ganesh said...

anjusense arusense orenonsense makes to nosense ennada idhu

anyway welcome back

Zeppelin said...

hmm..a very sensible post about nonsense, which does make a lot of sense.. :)

however, I thought 'humans' are different from animals in that they have the 'sixth' sense... ?? sssup with that ? cos even dogs have 5 senses.. innit ?

and Great to see you back in here..

Arvind said...


ore-non-sense ? or anju or aaru ?

p.s : Watched a movie called 'aaru' - dont know ethanai sense ;)

Unless, you are a star from M.N.Shyamalan's thriller, humans are typically gifted with 5 senses :P

Zeppelin said...

haha...very funny eh ?

i have heard people saying humans possess six senses, the sixth one being "intuition"... being an "intangible" sense, it is probably worth neglecting ?

still dont accept the 5 senses theory.. :)

Desigan said...

ethana peru ippadi kilambi irukeenga ?

Arvind said...


Sensible argument, right now i cant accept your theory either ;)


i knoooooow - that is why am asking how people manage to produce such non-sense !

Hardu said...

And what are all these comments? Sense or Non-sense? :P

Arvind said...



p.s : It would have been good if you had categorized your comment as well ;)

Hardu said...

Oops! That was a blooper.:)

Vidya said...

Interesting.. but sense and non-sense are just a matter of perception.. no body can produce non-sense or sense .. It is how each human perceives things that makes it sense or nonsense.. In a sense the second line makes more sense.. :)

PS: more non-sense into your sensible non-sense :D

Arvind said...


hee hee - but all the lines are crafted so that it is fodder all types of people - a) people who perc. sense b) people who dont perc. non-sense c) people who are caught in-between

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

Dear Arvind,
Great to have a fellow philosopher on the Blogosphere back in action...

Your post is not silly , actually it pokes a hole in some philosophy..can you guess?

Cool dude, btw, increase the size of your future posts for the sake of readers like yours truly who like looong posts.


adarsh said...

what is this Non-Sense... ;)

Arvind said...

Well my blog-habits are still erratic at best, so is my philosophical bent of mind ;)

Guess, you join one other commetor (hardu?) in the new category ? ;)

Prat said...

Hi Arvind,
Nice to see some comments in Tamil.
My take on this.
Senseo nonsenseo ellamey onnu daan.
Like Anand said, Sarvam SriKrishna Apranamastu..

Arvind said...

What you say, makes 'sense' ;) :P

s.natraj said...

Inspite of having 5sense we loose it on such occasions and become wild like animals, sometimes even worse

Arvind said...


Yes, that is right