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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Magnetic Untouchability !

This is not a post about the much touted problem of untouchability. But it is about how to encourage untouchability - amongst cars ! - "Dont touch/rear-end me !!!!!!"

There are many silly ways one can think of preventing common rear-end accidents - most of them rely of James Bond'ish equipment - pepper spray, smelly gas, gabtun tamil, cellphone ringtone etc - all on push of a button, that would cause the driver behind you to slam the brakes.

But why not have a magnet ! - make it mandatory on front and rear-ends of cars - voila - "dont touch me" will be the language spoken by those magnets ;) - the problem that i can see immediately being, if the momentum is high enough to overcome the magnetic repulsion, it will cause a shear on the car and hence cause side collisions :| - so why not drive magnetic cars !! :)

before anyone attempts to patent it or make money out it - remember, i own the idea :D