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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

[C Says...] Umm...Smells good

How about mint-flavored-passive-smoke cigarettes ;) ?

C also wonders at the stupidity of the rule that all cigarette manufacturing companies should advertise about the 'quit smoking information' on THEIR website !!!! - how dumb can one get ?

It is like telling people who are trying to diet, "Hey we have many tips on dieting - please come visit our site pizzamut.com and click on a link "How to stop eating pizza" - right next to the cheese-dripping, "order a pizza now" link :P

In the past, C had said...

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Can you hear me now ? good...

'Can you hear me now ? good..' is an often heard commercial from a popular wireless cell phone provider. How would it be, if it were to be aired for an email service provider ? - can you hear you my email ? can you hear my voice mail ? :-)

NowPos is the first voice mail provider, that lets you do that. NowPos, founded and run by Ayyappa - and good buddy of mine, i have been associated with for over 4 years now, has changed the way you look at email in a radically different manner.

You can send a voice mail to any of your contacts - whether or not they have a NowPos account. They can choose to listen without sign-up - but why would you wait to sign up - when you can now interact with your near and dear ones vocally as opposed to verbosely typing up stuff.

It really takes me back by 6-7 years when there used to be this service called Navin mail (?? or something similar) - where you call up a local number in India and leave a voice mail for the recipient in USA and they'd be able to listen your voicemail by dialing up a toll-free number.

This concept trumps that idea by a long way. The next question on all of your lips would be, alright how do they make money ? Right now, as you might have guessed, it looks like they play ads before the voice mail similar to all the online radio stations like Raaga etc - and that forms a steady revenue stream.

They've already been featured on all major magazines including Forbes, Rediff, Hindu etc.. Listed as one of top 20 broadband innovations in Asia Pacific of 2005 - think it is definitely worth a try.

Considering that this an all-desi product, i think we all should give it a try and support such new innovations by people like Ayyappa.

It is still in beta mode, if you need any invites for signing-up do let me know.

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