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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

[C Says...] Umm...Smells good

How about mint-flavored-passive-smoke cigarettes ;) ?

C also wonders at the stupidity of the rule that all cigarette manufacturing companies should advertise about the 'quit smoking information' on THEIR website !!!! - how dumb can one get ?

It is like telling people who are trying to diet, "Hey we have many tips on dieting - please come visit our site pizzamut.com and click on a link "How to stop eating pizza" - right next to the cheese-dripping, "order a pizza now" link :P

In the past, C had said...

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***Diamon*** said...

They are just too conceited to do anything else.
It's like when you have a argument with someone. If you come out and say what's on they mind 1st then what have they left to say?
A friend of mine always says:
The cigarette companies are so overconfident that they actually tell you by cigarette from us and then smile and have punch line "But it will Kill YOU!"

SamY said...

well it is like legalizing killing ... just that the killer has to go public that he kills and go about doing his business :D

money is the cause for such crazy things ... just a neat disclaimer

what ever flavour ... it stinks PERIOD.

Arvind said...

"Killer smile" ehh ;) ?

I hope you got the sarcasm in the post and did not take it 'that' literally ;) :P

sen said...

ennada achu... call panraennu sonney??.. busy.. give me a buz when u get time..

Arvind said...

test comment