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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

RFIDs and India : A Trick missed ?

Here is an interesting article in BusinessWeek.com that talks about how the RFID technology is yet to take off in Asian countries. Some of the factors outlined are cost, non-availability of airwaves due to irregular standards and patents preventing standardization.

First thing that surprised me in the article, was how there was no mention about India - are we to assume, that it is a reporting error/bias or is it virtually non-existent ? - I'd tend to go with the latter.

Second, if the same countries like South Korea can manufacture chip at throw-away rates, that when added with profit etc, is still down-right cheap in US - why is it that it becomes costly in their own country ? What drives the cost.

Third, irregular standards that is not surprising giving the lack of foresight and planning in the Asian region

And finally, patents preventing standardization - are corporations missing a trick by following the American route - or are we still hung up about capitalization ?

Thoughts ?

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