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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Student Heroes...

We salute them, We celebrate them and We adore them.

Before you think, this post is about the sincere determined revolutionary leaders, let me set the expectation straight - it is about Heroes who have been students :) :P

These student heroes are sincere too, sincere sigamanis as they are called - because they do many things single mindedly - tease, fight and love , rag, launch 'rockets', and when not doing the afore-mentioned, beat up villains - who mysteriously will never be college students (Thank god !!)

Think of all the heroes who have been through this rigmarole...At a time, when their grandchildren expect to run around with them in the garden, these people run around with heriones singing ooh-laa-laa. Sometimes they defeat their age-defying makeup by even lifting the heriones for a ring-a-ring-a-roses (dont attempt this at home ;) ). Amongst their best friends would be one of Janakaraj, Charlie, Dhamu, Vivek, Vadivelu, Goundamani, Senthil, or any other evergreen student actors.

Lipstick is amongst their best friends too ! - with censors still ruling the roost, you can never doubt the source of lipstick to be that of herione's ;) It is learnt that the close up photos of hero's lips are used to teach KG students about the spectrum of colors. It definitely helps in also leaving a lip-mark on the herione for her to spank one-real hard slap - which will trigger the love between the two ! (phew) (dont attempt this at home too ;) )

They always are on the leading edge of stunt-executions though. Never failing to come up with a desi version of Matrix or Crouching or Silambattam they send hordes of people, sometimes ranging of the order of millions flying to the next village with a whistle ! (For people with lesser GK- the jet stream of air from the heroes whistle would simply blow these goondas off their feet OR the hero never brushed in his lifetime ;) )

One important element to such a hero, is his mother, who in reality would be as old as his daughters' college mate and a sister who would be the same age group as his grandson.

On a related side-note is that, there are heroes who have been college teachers with heroines running behind them. But, in reality, the student hero is so much older anway, that he can romance his teacher ! ;)

No salutations to the student heroes would ever be complete without referring to 'collective power of students' - which is the only way to ensure, the hero remains a hero !

Let us face it, they are student's heroes too ! ;)


Vidya said...

We salute them, We celebrate them and We adore them. - do we??

This was our topic of discussion during lunch a couple of days back and I was surprised to see that you had blogged about it .. me was planning to blog :(

'hero never brushed in his lifetime ' - LOL - Vijaykanth??

'On a related side-note' - Good one .. I think you were talking about SRK in Main hun naa?

College Student is far better but Sarath Kumar as a School Student in a song(with the school uniform, tie, schoolbag and Lunch bag!!) was just too much to take..if ur wondering which song.. well it was 'tharuviya taramaatiya' from Chanakya

I always wonder why people want to see sixty year olds as college Students... hmmm..

Arvind said...

salute, celebrate and adore - thought was self-explanatory, they could never have been heroes without us supporting them. It may not be you, me or the person standing next to you in the bus. But it is the 'mass'

re: specific names that you've brought up - it is general dig as opposed to individuals ;)

re: college student LOLOL - it reminds me of 'Mahanadigan' - when a story teller approaches Satyraj and says, there is a new born baby and it is Satyaraj =))

wonder huhh :-) may be 8th wonder ? ;)

Munimma said...

Young at heart ;-P

One recent stunt that was a bit too much even for our range of heroes - chandramukhi where Rajini starts a mini twister ;-)

We could do an entire series, a la Ripley's believe it or not and call it kolly's/bolly's believe it or not

Arvind said...

Whole series, why are you giving my blog-drafts ? ;) :)

Zeppelin said...

btw, have you seen the latest 3 ? THE BEST tamil movies ever made ?? ;)

i urge all to see it and increase your.....errr.....endurance limit ! ;)

Arvind said...

Looks like your profile pic, qualifies you for a student hero tooo ! ;) :P

Zeppelin said...

yeah i could be a hero in the "ya ya" movie against Shalini/Shammili ?? :p

Arvind said...

I was thinking more along the lines of ramu, gopu in ramanarayan movie... :-D

Shalini, you are making one hero 'red' ;)

Shamili, is now technically a herione material for all of our student heroes !:P

Zeppelin said...

ramu gopu ok... but knowing me... nee eppdi da ippidi thappana mudivu pannine... :p

red hero ippo sundi veluthu poitaan.. avana vidu... :p

Arvind said...



localhost said...

the 'lipstick' part reminded me of Ramaraajan!, nice post :)

Vidya said...

LOL !! That was funny. I was reminded about the many Telugu clips that I saw in India, where a really old hero would show off his "gym- related" moves and pose them off as dances. And when it comes to carrying the heroines around, they would conveniently allow their " doubles " to take care of it !!

Lipstick in a hero's face brought back memories of Ramarajan. He set a category of his own with a cow theme going on in his movies !!


Arvind said...

Actually it is often a misconception that Ramarajan was the sole hero that used lipstick - however, we have to give him credit for popularizing the same amongst the viewer base ;)

At first i was like, is it second time funny ;) :? and then realized the "name-sake" incarnation :)

In these days the theme seems to be corrupt-villain violent heroes, with Ramarajan's go-matha style movies, it will be a cow that refuses to be milked and a song that would let the cow change its mind ....hmphmmmhmph.....

Prat said...

Hi Arvind,
looks like you have got the finer nuances of writing a masala-chick/ dude flick-box office hit-with trees and songs and all that blah perfectly.
Go ahead, present your script.
Ramu, Gopu and Shamu are waiting.
Really. I just checked.
And good luck with the tomatoes ;)

Arvind said...

Well, good to know that you interested in funding a movie starring ramu, gopu and shamu - if you interested, as a producer, i will try and reserve a role for you - let me know your preference ;) :P

jokes apart - you have to be really irritated to observe such intricate details about movies to write one like this ;)

Padmasani said...

Slowly beginning to have a little time for the blog reading. This one is hilarious :) Honestly very good style of writing. Keep writing like this for us to relax a bit in between pressuresome days.

Arvind said...


Thanks :-)