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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spelling B

We have all been amazed one time or another, at, how all these young kids in the Spelling Bee competition - manage to spell all kinds of words, spoken and not, known or not, with the ease of spelling their name.

Now, it is time to be amazed by how people NOT spell, a famous name, correctly. Before you must know who it is - let me give you some clues.

According to people who looked her up, she is a brat, brut, brit, grit, prit, brot, birt, bitt, drit, brent, rit, sprit, bright, brine, britannia (well, i made the last one up ;))

Any guesses ? Scroll a li'l bit down...

Check google's spelling correction statistics for Britney Spears

Looking at the statistics, some of the interesting observations are - how no one got her last name 'spears' wrong !! and how some people thought she owns spears (britney's spears) and how people have so many typo's looking for britney - after all they are not focussed at what they type or are they ?

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