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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Italian born Naturalized Citizen Sonia to be the new Prime Minister of India

Congratulations. That was one heck of an orchestrated,well organized election machinery including every thinkable so-called secular media organizations participating in the anti-incumbent poll plank of "India is NOT shining".

Guess what, they were highly successful in convincing the people who ultimately decide. So now we are here, with Congress taking on the mantle of the ruling party with a Italian born naturalized citizen Sonia becoming the new Prime Minister of India,

To all those opinionated media folks who were crying hoarse about how India is communal; the majority abuse the minority and human rights were flagrantly violated.....
The people have delivered the ultimate verdict. Take it !

President : Muslim
Prime Minister : Christian (Naturalized citizen)

Sorry, may be, I did not read it properly, which was the country that was supposed to be communal ? which was the country that does not let minorities partake ?

To all those who said India is not shining to vote down the ruling party - Congratulations - you were successful !

OK, now WHAT ?

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