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Friday, August 31, 2007

2000 uses and counting...

Now, come'on we are not talking about the popular toilet flush tablets :P

Did you know WD-40 (the common household mechanical lubricant) has 2000 and more uses ? Thanks to my colleague, you can read up all the uses here

The ones that i like the best are
  1. Remove lipstick from carpet - ROTFL
  2. Remove make up from carpet
  3. Remove adhesive from bird's wings

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Moral Policing - Part 2

If you have not read Moral Policing - Part 1 , please do so here.

Now comes the sequel.

This cop pulled his drunk wife twice and gave her a ticket. Wow, way to go people ! :) Yet again, I should say am impressed about the morality expressed, implying the subtle human'ness in everyone.

One wonders whether the routine in-fighting at home had anything to do with this ticket.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Budget Dental Clinic

Bizzaro, the comic strip, by Dan Piraro is funny on-and-off. But last friday it was ROTFL

Here is the link to the "Budget Dental Clinic" (Courtesy: washingtonpost.com)

p.s : Notice the small live "fire cracker" on the table, to the left of the doc ;)

Now, for the artist in you, can you think of a comic strip for "Budget Mental Clinic" ;) :P

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Numbers Don't Lie...

... goes a popular saying.

Numbers Don't Lie...so do WRONG numbers, i'd like to add :)

CrossLoop - help a remote pc user !

... from the previous post, CrossLoop is a product that lets two users connect over the internet tunneling through firewalls and let one user control another (ofcourse, with consent, and explicit action)

Will help many trying to help their parents, and less-tech-savvy friends in helping them out !

Here is the site

Microsoft, IBM, and Digital

Video interview by Scoble, the popular tech blogger, talking to Tom Rolander, who was the flying partner and good friend of Gary Kildall of Digital - the duo that let go of the oppurtunity to become Microsoft !

A Long video 1 hr , the whole build up until minute 30, is important to understand the events that unfolded later.

Interesting bits - how Gates did not want OS business to start with, when the first API was born etc...

Here is the video