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Thursday, September 01, 2005

[Song Glance] Ponniyin Selvan

Back in action with one more quick glance at an album. This time it is the movie called 'Ponniyin Selvan'. The music is by Vidyasagar. Lets get to the review quickly ;)

Ponniyin Selvan by Vidyasagar (Click to listen @ Raaga.com)

Do Re Me - Kunal, Arjun, Benny

Don't know why this song needs 3 singers :-) . VS brings out his trademark chords arrangement, with unconventional mix of the beats with some techno-sounds (yes sounds ;) ) - The rap section is quite passable. The invention of 'Skip' feature makes sense after all

Vennila - Cicily, Harish Raghavendra

Simple, folksy number - this song is sure to appeal to masses just for that fact. Stanza starts off in very promising fashion, only to lose direction somewhere in between, nonetheless, song willl definitely stay around on your lips, longer than the last drop of coke ;)

Kadhal Poonga - Udit Narayan, Sujatha

The opening strings piece reminds of some 90s VS number ('vennilave vellai poove' - Arjun, Meena ?) . And yet again, Udit is totally out-of-place with some of the sections in the stanza - not just the pronounciation, which is proclaimedly horrible - but even the singing aspect of it. Just does not fit the bill. Sujatha would have sung this number sleeping :-)
If you are thinking this song should be called 'Kadhal Pisasu' (Run), you are not alone :-) You may end up liking this number, if you liked 'Kadhal Pisasu'

Thachikko - Anuradha Sriram, Mathangi

The song is definitely likeable. Highly catchy and hummable - Anuradha & Mathangi contrast and complement each other very well. Rhythm is very typical of VS. Beautiful touches of kaapi ragam found here and there. Nice song !

Siruthooral - Srinivas, Sadhana Sargam

Nice, melodious piece - simple song - nothing spectacular, neither pedestrian. Both the singers have done a decent job. With few sessions, you will come to like this

Kola Kolayya - KK, Sujatha

Folksy dance number - nothing to write home about more than these three words. With the craze for such numbers, dont wonder if this catches on :-)

This album is testimony to what is called the dis-interested music director phenomenon - either they should not sign-up or if they do, they should give their best. One expects better from seasoned MDs like Vidyasagar.

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p.s : Enjoy your (long) weekend, drive responsibly. I will be back in action by wednesday. Have fun


SamY said...

honestly arving ... ur longer reviews were much nicer ... for upcomming reviews take your time and do that ... now that u'v gone wide screen ppl shudn't feel it cloy anymore ... ;) ...

cheers to a super long weekend :)

Arvind said...


Thanks for your kind words :P

You too have a good weekend :-)

Magic Lens said...

Good review of the songs, i'd say Amen! to your views. Vidyasagar could've done a better job.
Every song in this movie reminds me of another tamil song.
Yea that Kadhal Poonga song is so much like Kadhal Pisasu frm Run, is it more coz of the same singers and their same accent?
Thachikko sounds a lot like "Radhai Manadhil" frm Snehidhiye.
I'd heard a lot abt the tamil classic "Ponniyin Selvan", was even foolish to think this might be the movie version of the same book. watched the movie with disappointment. Wonder y they chose that guy to play the hero's part.

Rags said...

None of the songs appealed to me... This is not the VS we know...

thennavan said...

So, what are you doing for the long weekend Arvind? Painting DC red?


Ram.C said...

'siruthooral' & 'vennila' were nice songs.. as usual udit has pronounced the starting lines of 'kaadhal poonga' very badly.. literally it sounds like 'kaadhal pungha nii...'

Kaps said...

i agree with ram. i also like siruthooral and vennila. Udit is unbearable in kadhal pungha. i was under the impression that he was improving.

Arvind said...


Me no watch movie :-D, escape from such stuff :-))


The 'touch' is there occasionally, but that is what makes VS, VS right ? ;)

Arvind said...


Not that much sweat, managed to escape out of town ;)


True. Siruthooral was quite listenable :-)

Arvind said...


Udit never fails to deliver correctly on the wrong pronounciation :-D

Magic Lens said...

Arvind, You have been Tagged !!

Arvind said...


:-| (How long have you been planning on this :P)

Magic Lens said...

it didnt take much time...trust me :)

Arvind said...

the planning did not take much time ? ;)

Anonymous said...

i lost respect for VS after hearing 'Do Re Me' which is a direct/exact copy of the english song "Tamale" by Mr Vegas. the tune and even few words are exact same, what a shame!!!!!!!!

Arvind said...

Yea, he does a fair amount of recycling ;) - but less compared to the likes of Anu Malik and (S)Deva etc :)

Adi said...

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