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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blogolala Blogolala

Munimma, had inspired this thought, about, how over time, the description of women/girls in movies are getting more current. I had initially started this piece about how in this blog-fad-world, the description would be today - (via a comment on Munim's site and with her permission, elaborating on it :-))

hey blogolala hey blogolala

un azhagu- blog'ai pol adhisaya piravi
un parvai - blog title pol puriyadhadhu
un pinne - comments'ai pol kodi makkal
un ulle - post'ai pol naan mattume

hey blogolala hey blogolala

un kural - oru audio blog
un mugam - oru photo blog
un kaigal - konjam neelamana post
un kanna-kuzhi - konjam azhamana post

hey blogolala hey blogolala

unnai mattum dhaan naan parpen
nee mattum dhan en blogroll
unnai yaar parthalum naan parpen
naan dhan un blogpatrol

hey blogolala hey blogolala


Your beauty - is a rare genius, as is the creation of blogs.
Like the title of blog, that i never understand, are your eyes - (that speaks thousand words)
Like the comments of post, there are millions behind you
Like the body of the post, am the only one in you

Your voice, is an audio blog
Your face, is a video blog
Your slender hands, are as long as a post
Your dimple, is as deep as a (thoughtful) post

I will just look at you,
you are my only blogroll
If anyone does look at you,
am your blogpatrol

Please consider this as personal invitation with betel-leaf, betel-nut, bananas, and, kumkum to add/build on top of the descriptions, you could also do the hero's description if you prefer ;)

Let the blogaraja comment festival begin ! :P


SamY said...

so finally u go wide-screen ... hmm so fervid a blogger'a neenga ... nadathunda nadathunga

Kaps said...

we'll stare at you and leave an anonymous comment:-)
....blogolala blogolala.

Magic Lens said...

LOL :))
I like the last two lines...very thoughtful :)
btw is this based on the tune of any famous song?

orangepixel said...

Wow! What a comparison! "Your dimple, is as deep as a (thoughtful) post"! LOL

Very creative :)
So, when are you going to compose a music for it ?

***Diamon*** said...

that was different, Nicely said!

I was just thinking of what kind of music would take it higher up?
as orangepixel said...

Arvind said...


Where is your creative addition to the song ?

was that your bit or are you staring at my blog ? ;)

Arvind said...


Do you mean the last two lines of the song or the post ;)


Thanks, these words deserve better music that i can ever think of creating ;)

Arvind said...


Thanks :-) Make your own tune ;)

Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

ROFTL - "If anyone does look at you,
am your blogpatrol"

Arvind said...


yes, i liked those as well, coz i did not like feel like restricting blogpatrol to statistics gathering ;)

Anonymous said...

Good one man
I liked the Kannakuzhi and on ulle lines...

and the last Paragraph......

thanks for the link.....


cosmicblob said...



Go on girl!


Hey pretty Blogolala with the high blog share on,
You give me comments
Like I've never, ever known
You're just a product of wwwliness
I like the posts of your walk,Your talk, your dress

Your walk, a blog hop
Your talk, a weblog
Your dress, a blog template


kaleidoscope said...

LOL, how about audio bloging this? OP sonna madiri oru tune potudunga ;)

Munimma said...

Arvind, athukku meaning kuduthathu thappu ;-) tamizh paattukku meaninga? irakkaathu, irukkavum koodathu :-P

audio blog it.

Arvind said...

Cool !

Hee Hee :)

Arvind said...

Kals, Munims,
Thanks :-)

I will leave it to creative musicians like Srikanth/Ganesh to do the honors :-D

Ganesh said...

pottu thaakarappa nee.

Arvind said...


danx - Eppo tune ???

Ganesh said...

soon ..

sen said...

iam ok with the lyrics and ghannu bhai's composition.But singing.........?? :)

seriously guys.why dont u implement it and upload it.

Arvind said...

what's this - silly koschin's aap india - we have many 'celebrity' singers around ;) - they have all audio-blogged :-D

MD has prerogative to choose his singer :P

Aishwarya said...

Very creative! Really enjoyed it :)

Arvind said...

Nice adaptation to MJ's lyrics :P .

Except that blogolala was not the name of the girl ;)

p.s : Do did you wait outside the court when the trial-verdict was read ? :P

Arvind said...


Thanks !

cosmicblob said...

Guruji - neither was the girl's name "baby" in MJ's song !! ha haa..

...better late than never! Glad u drew the parallel albeit so late - looks like you got some insider help? [no that was not a question!]

Arvind said...


Thanks. Have you heard of 'kuzhandaya killi vittuttu, thottilai aatra kadhai' ??

(Make the baby cry and rock the cradle so that it calms down ?)


cosmicblob said...

Looks like your post on Blogolala has caused some anonymous folks to think u would be interested in
"Free Arts & crafts", "Healthy Coffee", "Pregnant women",...,gift baskets, home business......"

Now I am not passing any judgement here ! ;-P

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

looks like you are following the tips given in blogging 101 (LOL)


Ram.C said...

Endru ungal Arangetram? Eerpaadu ellam balamaa irukku?

English translation was better than tamil.. that's how I felt.

Ram.C said...

I just stared at the no.of comments, before entering this area.. and wondered about the response.

After seeing so many spam mails, now I am wondering about the target audience for this post...

Rowdy kumbal ellam theatrukkula vidaatheenga... propera oru security podunga.. mathavangalaala ozhungaa padam paarkka mudiyalai..

Arvind said...


The last i heard was that, they were inspired by your adapation of MJ' songs :-)


Thanks :-)

Arvind said...

Arangetram ?? what is that ;)

Thus far, i had remained oblivious to the fact that, it becomes tougher for other commenters to go through and see previous comments.

I am turning on, word-verification with immediate effect.

Sorry for any incovenience it may cause.

Sorry, i've removed all the anon. comments making yours redundant :-)

thennavan said...

Ooh la la la
Ooh ooh ooh la la la
blogla la la la la la la


kaleidoscope said...

Love CB version too, forms a good rap. Any rappers around??

Arvind said...


Innum mana madurai'la dhaan irukeengala ? :)


Rapper -mmm- where is robz -is he still on vacation ??

Vettees said...

A good one.Seekrama tune pottu audio blog podunga.

Arvind said...

Danx vettees, ella tune'um professionals'ke ;)

Ganesh, engayya tune ?

cosmicblob said...

Arvind - Enuf of fussing ! Go ahead with a tune and upload as audioblog!!


cosmicblob said...

Did you hear me? Good!


Arvind said...


Am struggling to select one tune out of the thousands that the professionals have given me...sorry for the delay.

But, after much toiling, i have managed a'la'Deva sir, have come up with ORIGINAL tune for your lyrics.

Click here to listen to it. Enjoy !!!

Can you hear the music now ? - good !

cosmicblob said...

XYZ News

COPYRIGHT VIOLATION: The most atrocious case ever

Thursday, September 1, 2005; Posted: 8:15 a.m. EDT (12:15 GMT)

WASHINGTON (XYZ) – Lawsuit filed against Blogger for false claims on a 1987 POP HIT. RIAA is furious. Michael Jackson reported “upset”.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. Superior Court in San Mateo, California, the Recording Industry Association of America charges blogger Arvind Srinivasan with violating federal and state laws through "contributory and vicarious copyright infringement, because he has blatantly claimed on the world wide web that he is the composer of the 1987 hit POP album "BAD" from the Kind of POP, Michael Jackson.

"We love the idea of blogging and journaling freedom, but such false claims by bloggers is causing major concern." Cary Sherman, senior executive vice president and general counsel of the RIAA, said in a statement.

The association, which represents the major U.S. record companies, is seeking up to $100,000 in damages for the copyright-protected song allegedly laid claim on by Arvind Srinivasan.

Michael Jackson appeared very upset on hearing this news in a recent video clip released by the Never-Land press. The release indicates that the King of POP is consulting his favorite lawyer a.k.a savior Thomas Mesereau who successfully redeemed the start from a recent scandalous case. Close associates of Michael Jackson indicate that he is likely to file a lawsuit against Arvind Srinivasan as well as Blogger for an amount that is atleast equivalent to what he spent on his recent case.

Blogger.com has declined to comment.

Arvind insists that his claims are just an example of an attempted witty response to his blog visitors."This came as a surprise; I've been spending so much time trying to figure out ways to work with the RIAA," blogger Arvind Srinivasan said.

The lawsuit is the latest front in what has become a quicksand-like terrain for the music industry, which has been aggressively fighting to maintain control over their copyrighted material as the Web and blogging freedom increasingly threaten to undermine their security. In the case of Blogger & Arvind, it could be an uphill battle.

Updates about the case will be presented with extra salt, spice and Indian masalas as the case unfolds.


Arvind said...



Am bemused to read such articles :-) i stumbled across this article elsewhere.


Attorney belittles threat of lawsuit against blogger.

Replying to an article by xyz news, it has been learnt that the blogger in question, one Mr.Arvind Srinivasan (names changed for privacy purposes) has declined comment on the same. His attorney,
issued the following statement on his behalf.

Begin Statement:

It is utterly ridiculous to learn that RIAA and WJ have decided to proceed against my client Arvind, (name changed for privacy) purposes. It only clearly indicates the absence of any clear thinking whatsoever on the part of the RIAA and WJ. To set the record straight, am quoting on behalf of my client, from the comments section of his recent post.

"...come up with ORIGINAL tune for your lyrics..."

We are considering a defamation law-suit to recover the damages, despite promoting such erstwhile popular albums.

:End Statement

Our correspondent adds that, in the interest of preserving tax-payers dollars, the other commenter Cosmic Blob, who claimed to have written the lyrics and also expected appreciation for the same, who caused all the trouble, has now been sentenced to community service of listening to Deva sir's songs and Laluji's discourses through the life time. Angry protestors, had gathered outside the court and protested against the commentor and vowed to bring CB's site to frequent spammed site's topspot.

One of the insiders of blogworld G-ane-h , on condition of anonymity, has said, "It is all a tactic of garnering more attention to self by RIAA, fearing backlash by the super-duper-hit, yet-to-release, top-of-the-chart album called Ganesh's GanshoLala a.k.a Blogolala"

TOII in all its sincerety feels that magazines these days are out there basking in sleaze festival, unlike our publication, which is purely dedicated towards the betterment of Bharat Matha. (Related articles : Bipashu Basu, Katrina Kaif, Mallika Sherawat compete for the role of Bharat matha)

Also, TOII asks all the readers to encourage blog freedom and also discourages blog-abuse.

(Related articles: Desi hotties set blogworld on fire)


Ganesh said...

arvind nextupdate eppo

Arvind said...


within 24 hours ;)

Ganesh said...

seri appadiya
ennoda QT padichuttu korulu vudu :)

Arvind said...



Padmasani said...

Well Arvind looks like you folks are having a hilarious time. Enjoy. Blogolala is awsome. Had a good laugh.

Arvind said...

Thanks Padmasaniji :-)

Chinmayi said...

Kalakkiteegale Saaar.

Hilarious... maybe this will happen in a Tamil movie soon!

Arvind said...


Thanks Maaadam :-)

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