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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Recently, there was this kavidhai pOTi announced by Narayan Sir. The topic brought in some thoughts that i have assimilated into a small 8-vari-kavidhai.

For reading pleasure, please read every line twice - that strategy can turn even a.b.c.d (alphabet) into pudhukavidhai !

peTravar endral thaai
valarthavar endral thandhai

moothavar endral annan
iLaiyavar endral thangai

maNandhavar endral manaivi
eendravar endral makkal

irandhavar endral iraivan
iravian endral maTTum nAthigam ?



You believe,

mother is who gave birth to you
father is who brought you up

brother is who is elder to you
sister is who is younger to you

your wife is, who you married
your child is, your offspring

loved ones that pass away, are (with) God
The moment it comes to God, you believe in atheism ?

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Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Very nice kavidhai. Really enjoyed reading it.

Arvind said...

Thanks Kasthuri :-)

ROBBIE said...

Do you have me in mind all the time? :P. I was thinking about the naathigam part of it. Iraivan endral naathigam.. hmm! well iraivan endraal aanmikam not naathigam..:P

SamY said...

thalai ... kavidhai 2much ... yenna da romba naala soundu kaanume nu paathen ... didn't know u were planning for this ... nice one ...

ammam thandhai'ai yen vitu viteer ... avargal yen thavaru seidhanar ...

Anand Ramamoorthy said...


glad to see such a short and sharp poem. keep posting . where are your philosophical posts dude?

cosmicblob said...

Arvind - Nice one...

"You'll See it when you Believe it" ...hv u read it?

Arvind said...


Nice to know iraivan means aanmeegam to you :-)

some of the recent discussions in the blogosphere prompted me to write this - not just you alone :P

Re-read it (and re-comment), second line'la dhaan thandhai irukkare !

Arvind said...


Thanks :-), the 'sharpness' in the poem is the philosophy - also the bombay rains had very very subtle jabs at 'others' that many people missed :-)

Thanks, so you understand tamil ? :)

Magic Lens said...

Arvind, very thoughtful of you to post the english version of the poem.
And the Ad for your other post Rocks!...this is 'continuing education' on 'how to improve blog traffic' :) No wonder i see people chanting your name...lol...

cosmicblob said...

Arvind - quite honestly I switched to the english version after the first 2 lines! ... thanx for remembering your multi-lingual auidience! :D

u didnt answer my question...

Arvind said...

thanks :-) i liked the 'pun' about chant - awesome that one :-D

like what anand-milind (? or someother duo) said about lifting 'rakkamma kaiyya thattu' (from dhalapathi) that they were actually humming it - when IR was recording in Bombay and he lifted the tune from them :-))))

i can honestly say that i liked the idea of Ram.C about reminding that there are other posts....i just worked on 'improvising' it ;)

Arvind said...


No i have not - what is it ? your blahb post ? :P

Anand Prabhu said...

very nice kavithai... visitng your blog first time... sailed here from narayanan Sir's blog. I am watching this space..

Ganesh said...

Ade aDe namma Aravind
thopikulla neriya vishayam irukku doye.

Arvind said...

Thanks :-), will listen to your a.blogs soon, help yourselves to many more posts via the archives.

Idhu varil, ganshu bhai geey nu edho peru vechirundhom - idhukku mela thatha nu dhaa koopidanum pola irukku ? :-D

sen said...

Everything is fine till
"irandhavar endral iraivan"
you nambikkai comes out in the last 2 lines.

i would write it this way.

"Iranthavar endral Erru" .
"People who died, are fertilizers"

Iraivan and nathigam go together.
"Nathigam" or aethism comes into picture only when there is a "iraivan" (god).

If u dont believe in god then there is no aethism, it is just a fact.

click blogging 101.So is this blogging technique number 102.keeping linking ur previous posts in the new ones :).

Arvind said...


"If u dont believe in god then there is no aethism, it is just a fact."

Good point - it is exactly about that.....as long as you dont believe it is still fine ;)

orangepixel said...

Arvind thanks for posting Kavidhai :-) in tamil as well as in English. It helped me to learn Tamil. I could able to understand most of the wordings in tamil coz I guess most of the south Indian language sound similar. But having English translation really helped.

Arvind said...

thanks :-) and you're welcome

Eshwar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eshwar said...

Arvi...great Kavidhai. ;-)

Arvind said...

Thanks Eswar, looks like you posted your comments twice, to make your comment also a pudhu kavidhai :-)

Shiva said...

well arvind.. It takes only 3 minutes 37 seconds to read your blog...

but it took 37 minutes and 3 seconds to read all the comments in it..

Arvind said...


Enna idhu pudhu vamba irukku. Earlier it used to posts are long - now it is comments ?

I will never restrict the inflow of comments ;)

Bring it on people :-)

Sriks said...

good start, why dont you write it in unicode tamil?
makes reading easy.

Arvind said...


Thanks :-)

Prakash said...

I didn't know that you r good in writing Kavithai and translation too..Nice blog...


Arvind said...

yaaru..namma P.A'vaa..

sowkiyama ? :-D

thanks :-)

Ram.C said...

that's true.., well brought out.

what is the target for the comment nos. for your blogging101 post, now that you hv crossed 101 comments?

Arvind said...


Thanks, no targets :-) just keep it going like mega-serials :P

ioiio said...

Nathigam is fashion n trendy to many :))

I guess not many understand either aanmeegan or Nathigam..

Zeppelin said...

nice post bro'..

i had a thought - might have crossed your mind sometime, but just wanted to mention it.

thaai, thanthai, makkal, etc.. are known entities so we probably do not tend to resort to science or scientific explanation..rather these are just undisputable truth/facts....

but since the advent of science and whatnot, some of us want to reason out everything that we cannot normally percieve through our five senses and our intellect. Hence, we try to debate about the existence/non-existence of 'GOD'...

bottom line - i think sometimes IGNORANCE IS BLISS and Science is a Necessary Evil


Arvind said...

True indeed ! :-)

Beautifully said !!

cosmicblob said...

Arvind - belated response to your Q - I meant this one.

Arvind said...

oh i have not read it - thanks for the link though :-)

have you looked at the profile page for telepathetic inspiration yet ?

Anonymous said...

Kena Punda

Paarpaan said...

Kena Iyer Punda Movana...