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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

[Song Glance] Ghajini

There are so many albums out there, releasing quite frequently, that am unable to perform detailed review/critical appreciation for want of time :-(

Starting this post, I plan to write quick glances into the albums, to essentially capture first impressions and listenability :-)

Ghajini by Harris Jeyaraj (Click on the links to listen to the songs)

Oru Maalai - Karthik

If you have listened to *any* HJ song - you would know this song was coming ;) - Nothing spectacular, the tune is quite similar to many of his prior works (the line Adhanaal Illai urakkam from oh-mama (Minnale) ). The interlude, especially the first, is quite catchy. HJ has attempted to differentiate this song with some of his other works by some novelty in the way instrumentation is setup and the running loop (like Telephone mani'pol - not implying copy :-) )
Karthik has tried his best with this song to impart some life :-D

X-Machi - Naahul, Mathangi

Some good work on the chords, catch rhythm loop, seductive/husky voices cover-up for mal-nourished tune bank :-). Once again, but for the above, this song would force you to hit the skip button every-single time. Mathangi, has done quite a decent job

Suttum Vizhi - Sriram Parthasarathy, Bombay Jayashree

First impression - structure of the song seems to be heavily inspired by 'Kismat Se Tum' ('Pukar' by ARR) - especially the lines '(unnale) kaN vizhithu soppanam kanden'. The tune itself has shades of some 60's song - can't tell which. Second interlude is the best part of the song - with some superb work on the sax. I felt, that HJ was sleeping while doing this number - with the style he has chosen - he had tremendous scope to produce a belter, but he tries to do yet another, vaseegara and fails in the attempt. Couple of listens, and you would atleast not skip it ;)

Rahatulla - Anupama

So far, this song is refreshingly fresh from the other songs in the album. Anupama, has done her job well. Good bass work in the second interlude. Quite a catchy dance number, the closing sections of the song are very well done.

Rangola - Shankar Mahadevan, Sujatha

'Boom Boom Mattukaran theruvil' (Adhe Kangal) song stares at you - when you listen to the first line of the pallavi. The song as noted elsewhere reminds you of 'Andangakka/Rendakka' (Anniyan) in passing phases - especially the second interlude. This song presents you with the impression that this more of Vidyasagar style song than HJ. Both Shankar & Sujatha have done a decent job.

The album itself can carry the song-sequences for any run-of-the-mill movie with fancy dance numbers - but from a musical connoisseur's perspective, this would struggle to cut the grade

Other Reviews out there Kaps

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Munimma said...

I had to smile at "refreshingly fresh" :-)

heard it once, worth giving another try.

Arvind said...


was afraid it may slip through the cracks ;) nice to know you caught it :)

Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Cool review. Waiting to hear to the songs.

Ganesh said...

arvind kalakarada
i just bought yamaha dgx 203
next time veetukku vandhu vasi
keyboard puliya iruppa polirukke

Arvind said...

Thanks :-). Click on the link to listen

Thanks :-) - pudhu keyboard'a wow - next audio blog'kku ready nu sollunga ;)

cosmicblob said...

Arvind - a suggestion - can you give a prologue with the song links before you post the review? That way, folks like me who havent heard the songs will get a chance to form an original opinion, before being washed into the ur review opinion! :D

Hey - how 'bout an audio blog with your keyboard vaadhan?

Arvind said...


I lost you there - did you want the links to the songs ?

cosmicblob said...

Yes - song links ahead of your review [right now the links are inter-mingled in your review ain't ?]

Arvind said...

mmm...not sure i still follow it...click on the name Ghajini with underline (hyperlink, since you are a techy) to go to the review - listen to your heart's content, but come back and read the review :-)

If that is what you are asking ?

cosmicblob said...

Ok - lemme try this again - so basically for a person who hasnt heard the songs, following your review is tedious. Guess it is about formatting your review differently ? I didnt notice the link you had provided at the top - so my mistake...and my missing it shows that that didnt work well for me! :D Secondly, you compare songs in your reviews - and its kinda hard to follow when one hasnt heard either song.

p.s. I am so movie-illiterate - that i didnt know what "Ghajini" was for starters! ..so i probably have no business commenting here anyways! :)

Arvind said...


First of all, 'Ghajini by Harris Jeyaraj (Click to listen)' - since it saw the light of the day - has the 'click to listen' in it... let me try to change the colors and get attention - may be in your eagerness to complete it quickly,you missed it ;)

Second of all, of all the song comparisons i've made - i found that, two of them dont have links, i will provide that as well, so that you can be more educated while reading my reviews. :P

Thirdly, am happy that people want to be informed before commenting on my review.

Fourthly, a customer-service personnel got fired for suggesting to a customer that customer does not deserve a computer, when after 2 hours on the phone, he service personnel found out that, the power cable had not been plugged in.

Magic Lens said...
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Vettees said...

Oru Maalai.The whistle and the chorus/humming in that song all remind me of Minnale music.

Sutrum vizhi sudare -I dint like Sriram way of singing ennulagam,En Ithayam,Unnale.Konjam rawa padina mathiri irukku.Bombay jeyashree had sung the same lines well.

Arvind said...


raw'va ? :P agreed !

Magic Lens said...

I like only 3 songs, but "Oru Maalai" sure sounds like a winner.
Didnt notice the similarity with Minnale songs till i read your blog.

Arvind, that tech joke was hilarious.


Arvind said...

Oru Maalai ? - interesting choice !!

yeah this album had a high percentage of similarity with his prior works :-(

tech joke - well people are occasionally reminded of such stuff ;)

Rags said...

Good Review...HJ has clearly used a OOAD concept in music... Took all his old objects...did a multiple inheritance and tada...we have a new object..I mean new song..

Arvind said...


Well said :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Arvind..First time on u r blog.

Regarding Gajni Music Review..My thala padam :)

As u said I loved Oru Maali and Suttum vizhi
infact I loved bombay jayasrees voice in that one nice one..Sriram parthasarathy's voice is very dull...Mathangi is my close friend so I Liked X matchi also liked rahathulla

Good Review


Anand Ramamoorthy said...



Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

Good revu arvind, keep them coming! Thanks for ur commnent on my blog too!

SamY said...

wow ... this was a gud quick one ;) ... things wudn't be called spectacle if they were that way all the while :) ... so let room for the trite as well ...

I personally liked the lyrics for Oru mAlai and Suttum Vizhi ... but u dare miss to mention that flabberghasting interlude in veenai (if I am right) ... brings me back to that song every time ... 2 bad that piece didn't domniate otherwise ... :(

can't agree with rangola duet any more ... very much andankakka style ... the mood esp ... likewise with rahatulla ... the techno background score was nice indeed ... a try like "Nokia" in anniyan ...

as for X-Matchi ... the same instrument used in "Theepidikka" in arindhum ariyamalum ... sounds like a damped twang of stretched bubber ... I hate that sound ... so annoying ...

but definitely nothing appealing about this album ... luks like the MD is running out of ideas ... effect of commercialism ...

Arvind said...


Thanks :-), enjoy more reviews from the archives.


Will do

Arvind said...


Thanks :-), enjoy more reviews from the archives.


I would'nt rule out HJ that easily !

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cosmicblob said...

Yippiieeee..i am jumping for joy seeing so many spams on your blog !! :D

p.s. this is not a spam ! ;P

Ram.C said...

I liked 'Suttum vizhi' and 'oru malaai ' for the soothing voicess.. as you had mentioned, not much of difference in other songs from his previous deliveries.

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

dear Arvind

I really didn't get the emotion behind your last comment on AHAM BRAHMASmi post,

anyway pls check out Krishna Jayanthi special post.


Arvind said...


"Chinna kuzhandaiyatam ekkalatha paaru" (MMKR)


Emotion ? - pls check your comments section

Yup - very true ! :-)

sen said...

I was irritated after listening to the songs.This guy has to clear of his mind after every film that he composes.If he successfuly composes one movies the following 2 movies will have the feel of the songs of the successful movie.There was anniyan and so many other movies in this one.

same for this movie.what iam thinking now is.If harris one albumn is a success. then dont buy are listent o the next 2 albumns.

Anonymous said...

Arvind and Ganesh..Do u guys have a lot of Music CD's Carnatic especially...I want sudharaghunathan, maharajapuram, sowmya etc...I could manage to get some from the internet...but I want like more of alaparnam and stuffs...It would be very helpful if u could provide me the link to download them or if u guys have CD's.

By the way...R u guys in Washington DC..I am coming down to UMCP to meet a friend for the long weekend...

Have a gr8 weekend

Arvind said...


Today, chance had it that i heard Ullam Ketkume - everything is a rehash -the more i seem to hear HJ, the more he gets degraded in my ranking :-(

You can check carnatic.geetham.net

Anonymous said...

u think u music director isit? wat HJ sleeping when composing suttum vizhi song?
u think u could have done a better job ah? u not even near his feet dust... the song is do dam nice and still can comment wrongly on that song...blady hell i see u commenting again on any other songs u watch out... if u so pro go become music director..y sitting at home typing comments about songs??? learn to appreciate and stop discriminate u bloody fool...

Arvind said...


I have dust allergies, so i'd rather not be near HJ's feet dust ;)

You can enjoy more of my 'comments' at my music review archives.

Anonymous said...

loserssss... fuckerssssss..... u aaaall better dun listen to music... go and dieeeeeee