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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bitter Milk and Birla Mandir

They wondered why...

She liked his looks, brilliance, jokes and charm.
He liked her personality, wit, smile and thoughts.
They loved each other's presence
They fell in love madly and married promptly

They wondered how they were made for each other

She needed coffee first thing in the morning, she was a south-indian
He will die without tea first thing, he was a north-indian.
He had his way, even plain milk tasted sweet that day !

She wondered why even plain milk tasted bitter that day !

He felt like visiting Birla mandir
She wanted to go to Siva-Vishnu Temple
She had her way, prayed that he gets to like coffee
He prayed, that he gets to go to Birla Mandir

They wondered when their prayers will be answered !

"Solution of one's problem lies with the other" ...
Answers, they apparently, never heard.

Most Silly Disclaimer I have ever written : All the incidents and characters are purely fictional. Any resemblances to individuals are purely accidental and non-intended. If you have not heard the answer till now, you will never ! :P


Zeppelin said...

yay !!! first place !!!!!!!!!

good one machi... looks like your soul is troubled....;) if u know what i mean !

cosmicblob said...

LOL! All fictious eh...but where did you draw the inspiration ! ;-P

The best part is your disclaimer "If you have not heard the answer till now, you will never !" .. thatz cool!

Arvind said...


Congrats on you being the first commenter - keep up the good work;)

souls that have not heard the answers - that we see everyday - are the ones that are troubled :-D


Atleast i have not seen all of it happening in one-person :) - A good artist, draws inspiration from bits & pieces everywhere to come up with his creation - Sorry, de-waugh sir - you are still not included ;)

Yes - was wondering how i shall provide a twist to the disclaimer ;) and lo - there it was ! :P

Magic Lens said...

Good one Arvind.
"Solution of one's problem lies with the other" ...
Now that makes some real sense.

Arvind said...

Thanks ML :-)

cosmicblob said...

"Solution of one's problem lies with the other" - Thinking that is in my opinion the real problem.

The solution of one's problem lies within oneself. If we realize that...we are not dependent on another to solve our problem...

Disclaimer: I am no expert on this subject :D

Arvind said...


"You are the problem" - is the most valid statement i've ever heard :P

The reason (partly) why chose, the 'other' as the solution here is because the parties involved are in a marriage !

This problem is more of a 'trick' problem - if you look at it carefully - they've compromised their preferences for their spouse, but still not lowered their expectations

From the perspective of the person who answers these question (read again, to know, who it is) the problem lies with everyone :-D

orangepixel said...

Its good.

Ganesh said...

jathagathai eduka vendiya neram vandhachunnu nainakaren

Arvind said...


Second time ??????????? I did not know you had such plans !

Shiva said...

so, arvind whatz happening here ? u made Ganesh take his jaathakam again !!!! Ganesh, spare some for us poor bachelors.

and so u are referring to no one in particular, per ur disclaimer, huh ?!;)

SamY said...

arvind kulla ivvalo feelings'a ... yenna dhadha vayasu aara feeling'a?

Arvind said...


peN paavam polladhadhu - hope my post was not the reason, that Ganesh is taking up his jadhagam again :P

and i was not referring to anyone ;)

Arvind said...


vedantham pesa vayasu venuma ?

(che, 'pesa' nra varthai mathram 'v' la arambikkala :P )

SamY said...

arvind ... vedhandham pesubhavargal irandu vaghai sandravar ...

1) yellavatrayum thurandhavargal
2) anubhavithavargal


Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Nice. One question. Are u married yet ? :-)
"She had her way, prayed that he gets to like coffee
He prayed, that he gets to go to Birla Mandir"
Cool lines. I guess married life is just a give and take in the best case or live and let live in the worst case :-)

Arvind said...


nee endha vagai ?

Thanks. I failed to see the significance of the word 'yet' there :P

Well said - "I guess married life is just a give and take in the best case or live and let live in the worst case :-) "

Do you think 'live' will be an option or will it be only 'let-live' :-D ;)

Ganesh said...

arvind and shiva
Naan enpa en jathagathai edukannaum
unga renduperoda jathagathan sonnen

Arvind said...


Very bad attempt at cover-up - 'Home ministry' oorlendhu innum varaliya :P ?

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Aishwarya said...

Arvind, an upsurge of your creative juices very vividly witnessed. 'Really enjoyed this one! :)

Arvind said...


Thanks :-)

Munimma said...

Good one! It all comes down to "Expectations". If we let go of that (them), life is peace. Easily said ;-)

Arvind said...


Thanks :-)

theonlyap said...

Dei ..

Good one .. U can become assistant director for VISU !!
Ore feelings dhan po...
ennamo po.. engayo poyitta !! :-)


thennavan said...

Arvind, you have to factor in one more thing as far as women are concerned
(YOU CAN NEVER HOPE TO PLEASE THEM, regardless of your sacrificing nature). This is being played out countless times in many people's lives daily and that is why at least in our part of the world, men tend to become philosophical :-)

Arvind said...


Nalla idea da ;)


Indha madhiri vamba'na matter la ellam enna maati vittudadheengo :)

Lavanya said...

Good one. I guess they drank both coffee and tea everyday :)

Arvind said...



Yeah, you see the problem was that she had to make the morning drink - and she had to make tea everyday ;) - i guess this is what addiction can cause...stop drinking coffee/tea and starting drinking complan everyone :P

Sowmya said...

hey arvind, first time here..that was a good one!
"If you have not heard the answer till now, you will never !" ..LOL

Arvind said...


Welcome aboard - dig out the diamonds :p - i.e. more posts from the archives :-D

Ram.C said...

honestly, I didn't notice this earlier... well written piece on the love marriage.

but it is not only in love marriages, that these kind of issues come up. Even in arranged marriages, after those initial few days of honeymoon life, true colors (I mean preferences) come out... some people get adjusted easily.. some people pray as you had written.

Ram.C said...

I liked 'thennavan's piece of comment...

Arvind said...


If i remember correctly, you are the first person to have brought up the issue of 'love' marriage - and indeed that was what i was trying to address. Kudos !

And i can't agree more as to how it may happen in any relationship !

Regarding Thennavan's comments - many people (a.k.a men) liked it ;)