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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Google's Blogger Survey


Urge you to take the Google's Blogger Survey and voice your opinion. In most cases, we dont take surveys coz we never 'see' the feedback in action. This time around, just to atleast keep the service free, i guess we should all take the survey and comment on it to say 'keep it free' :-)

Hope Google takes the survey seriously :-)

p.s : Do you believe in anything ? Read this article and its comments. At the end of it, you are guaranteed to be on the either end of 'spectrum of belief' or money back* (Terms and Conditions Apply) :P


Kaps said...

I have already taken the survey....but didn't bother to leave any concrete comments for improvement of Blogger simply bcoz of my laziness.

Chugs of Simplicity has summed it up nicely -

cosmicblob said...

Swamiji ...
Pranaam! Glad that your bakth got the opportunity to post the first comment :D

I have duly submitted the survey.

I have also duly telepathized with your profile - but I would still like to know "CAN U HEAR ME" - Good!

Shubh dhin to you!

bakth Shishya
Cosmic Blob

cosmicblob said...

:( Looks like kaps beat me to the first comment :|

Arvind said...

True - we want ALL of it :)

Keep trying, good luck next time :-)

Regarding telepathy, based on your 'words' am beginning to think i can hear you - if the trend continues i think i will :-)

cosmicblob said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cosmicblob said...

Ohm BLOG 101 MP A** Namaha !

(just enhancing your telepathic experience...:D)

cosmicblob said...

I have decided that it is not good to hijack your comments section for guru-sishya communication...suggest a brahmopadesh post from you that you can use to give your upadeshs to your bakths.

bakth shishya
Cosmic Blob

Arvind said...

look at my profile for channels of communication - can you hear me now ? - good !

kaleidoscope said...

Took the survey, my only comment for them was to have a exclusive template for photoblogs. Am sick of making the changes to the present temp grrrrrr.

Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Oh lotsa questions but I obediently followed them !

Arvind said...

Kals, Kasthuri,

Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

"Computers can solve all problems apart from the unemployment they create."
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Lavanya said...

Took the survey.

I see so much difference in Blogger from what it was 2 years back and now.

orangepixel said...

Took the survey.

There was a question;
What led you to start your own blog? Please select all that apply
And I Entered the answer for this question as "Blogging 101" by Arvind srinivasan :-)

Arvind said...

Thanks :-)

wow ! cool :-)

Ganesh said...

dey google sevai seyyaraya nee
pakkam pakkam questionaire...

sen said...

just forward to the last page and put your views on the blogger.

want to see "The raising" at lowe man's plaza this weekend??

Arvind said...

Sen madhiri intelligent'a survey edhuthukonga ;)

will call you tomorrow about the weekend plans - not confirmed yet :-(

Anonymous said...

Unrelated comment, but FYI: on the computational complexity of Sudoku . Once again, not my area, so I can't really comment on the literature.

-- Shobha

Arvind said...

Thanks, appreciate you fwd'ing it :-)

i can't comment on it either - only that it all goes way over my head ! ;)

Eshwar said...

I have already taken the survey and had left a few suggestions.

ROBBIE said...

wow! guess a survey got you 21 comments, seriously B101MPASS! haha cool ASS swamiji!

ioiio said...

Whats that.. Ella Post oda PS layum en next post padingannu ezhudhareenga :))

Arvind said...

Eshwar, Robbie,
Thanks dudes

That is only for new-comers, veterans like you would have read my post already - but ignore the PS's at your own peril - since i will 'revive' some of my old posts by linking them ;)

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

dear ARVIND,

I have taken the survey...about your suggestion that I audioblog, how is it done and how much does it cost..I have some serious constraints on expenditure and btw I 'm in chennai, can't make any international calls..
please let me know.


Zeppelin said...


besha post panniuTTeL pongo... ! surveya samatha neenga sollikudutha maadhiriye panniuTTen... :)

google la irukarava ellam nallavala irundha, indha bloggera 'freea vittuduvaa'... apdinu edhirpaakaren..


Arvind said...

It may not be possible from India right now :-( - but check out on google whether there are any free audio blog utilities that can be used from India as well

Thambwwee Arun,
Nandri !

***Diamon*** said...

hope the survey will make things a little more easier for us not so expert computer litterate.
Because it gets to me when I can't figure things out to post them properly on my blog.

thanks ;)
and since there is a lot guys here maybe you wont mind to comment on my post today. "I really need some input"
thanks again!!

cosmicblob said...

Guruji - Aap apna upadesh dene waale hain kya uper wali ko?!! ;-)

Arvind said...

Thanks for visiting :-)

You should also help :)

cosmicblob said...

Dhanya ho Guruji!! Guru B101MPASS KI JAI! :D