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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Power Play !

I am a Programmer, and I developed an application

I coded it with the ability to think
I authorized it to make copies of itself

I made them talk, walk
I gave them senses to enjoy the rest of my creations
I also removed them after a shelf life

It made innumerable copies in no time
They started bonding with other applications
They started destroying other applications
They created operating systems

They have done so much good
They have done so much bad
They have altered their hard-disk
They want to get rid of their shelf life

Some claim their operating system is the best
Some claim they are the source
Some claim to control the operating system
Some claim there is no operating system
Some claim they have seen the operating system
They talk endlessly about themselves

For, they can do all they want, till I pull the plug (a.k.a) re-boot


SamY said...

so work pressure go onto u 2 huh :(

if applications were this smart, well then what ryu there 4, so dun make things so intelligent :p

thennavan said...

Re-boot = Mahapralayam


Ganesh said...

good one buddy.

Zeppelin said...

dude..methinks there is a strong philo under-current here... am i thinking what you were thinking... or is just me ?

Arvind said...


you too much into programming, just watch the plug dude ;)

:-D - very close ;)

Arvind said...


Thanks :)


Not sure what you are thinking, but pretty close ;)

Rags said...

Good one dude...

Sriram C S said...

@Arvind - The Matrix has you!! Follow the white rabbit!!

Zeppelin said...

hmm... really interesting comments here machi.. really confused as to what is happening here... :)

Arvind said...


Thanks :-)

Thankfully it was not MMKR style, 'follow-my-behind' ;) :-)

Do you like Visu's movies ?

cosmicblob said...

Haa Haa - YOU can talk all YOU want till *I* pull the plug ! a.k.a Absolute ;-)

ak said...

yeah some of 'em.... why ? ;)

Arvind said...


You seem to breaking your break ;) and pulling legs more than plugs eh ?? :P


Dei how many names do you take ? Ak/Zep/Arun/Dude ? ;)

ak said...

dei, ulagam duality na ..naan multiplicity da... hehehe

anyways, thought of another line which might be good to add...

some claim, rather have dual operating systems ;)

Shiva said...

so a competitor for Robbie ? maybe you are a 'Rap'pie ?

ekantha said...

You are the creator and like all others who started something, you will probably end up losing your control. Liked the direction in which the possibilities in this one took me.

Arvind said...


Sure ;)




I am the creator :-? .....interesting !

ROBBIE said...

Your post reminded me a lot of my favorite science fiction film 2001 a space odyssey. The cure to solving the most complex problems can just be pulling the plug! thanks for inspiring me to post what I have always wanted to.