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Monday, October 03, 2005

[Song Watch] Alaipayuthe

Alaipayuthe - by Maniratnam starring Madhavan and Shalini was about post-marriage blues :-) It was a moderate success in tamil and the hindi remake (Saathiya) was a resounding success. Initially, this movie was conceived with just the title song (carnatic) Alaipayuthe in the movie. But then, as always, Mani gave in to the temptation of using ARR. Wise decision :-D one would say. Lets get to the review without further ado :)

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Yaaro yarodi - Mahalakshmi Iyer, Vaishali, Richa Sharma

This is an amazingly mellow song for the likes of a marriage song. The combo of three singers produce a kinda catchiness to the song, and at the same time, take the pronounciation out for a walk :-(

Thumping of drums and chanting of 'dum dumakka dum'. Richa starts off with yaaro yarodi. A harmonium kinda (french horn?) instrument begins to follow the singer. Interesting use of 'shakers' throughout the song (e.g. 00.48-00.49 - the sound is similar to washing your clothes by hand, and kumuku'fying it - almost a series of quick presses of the cloth with water hitting the washing slate - i loved it :-) ). The highlight of the pallavi is the section between 1.17-1.20 and the subsequent improvised repeat at 1.27-1.30 Simply Adorable !

The return to pallavi is marked by lisp'ish singing - sometimes i get irritated when i listen to it (is it just me? :-( ) . The first interlude is brief a nadhaswaram piece that takes you right into the stanza. The flute segment is quite cute, the style is very reminiscent of BG pieces from MMKR.

Stanza starts with thangathukku verkudhu and the alaap (2.35 -2 .44) that follows the first line is simply awesome. So is the alaap piece solli kudunga (2.54-3.00). The stanza eases into the second stanza. The second interlude is beautiful with chirping flute piece and wonderful chords backing poongodikku kannalam.

The second stanza is pretty much the same, watch out for the alaap pieces similar to the first stanza. Very melodious indeed !. The closing sections are interestingly layered with yaaro starting at 5.12 and another yaaro starting at 5.16 - forming a self-imposed harmony (Gurus out there, any technical term for this usage or pattern ?)

Overall easy and melodious song, marred by pronounciation. The chords through the song are very apt and underlines the mood very well and a bit underplayed.

Rating 4.3 out of 5

Sakiye a.k.a Pachai Nirame - Hariharan, Clinton

ARR and Clinton, harmonize Sakiye Snehithiye which sets in motion the beautiful melody line for the song. Naveen, ARR's aasthana flautist plays the line with superb backing by guitars and violins (?) and chords - what a dream ambience ! Can't wait to get to the start of the song...

Hari starts off with pachai nirame - he sings it so softly, that it feels as if he is singing to a kid :-) - very brief pallavi - and the flute/guitar combo steps in immediately and a female harmony adds to the melody and you are into the stanza. Kilayil kaanum continues the melody of the theme with simply rhythm but then the instrument that ARR uses frequently to signify rain, speeds up the song even further. The song takes a turn at 1.52 for the good- but the violin piece that sets it up is even better (1.49-1.52). These two-line style repeats itself and ends up at Sakiye - Just note the use of bass guitar between 2.38-2.52 - it is a song in itself - amaaaazing !

There is no second interlude but for the above mentioned Sakiye lines and second stanza is very similar to the first one, with Hari improvising very well. Third interlude, if it could be called that, is simple and cute. Iravin nirame marks the third stanza, which is very similar to the previous ones except that it ends up with different lines for the section marking pallavi.

This song has awesome lyrics by none other than Vairamuthu - about likening the different colors of nature to the attributes of herione (now that is a new idea for Blogolala - any takers ?).

Powers Chords and bass guitar can be found through the section of the songs - sometimes underplayed - but amazing, melody oozing, candy floss song. Only ARR !

Rating 4.8 out of 5

Alaiypayuthe - Kalyani Menon, Harini, Neyveli Ramalakshmi

This classical carnatic song based on raga kAnaDa is reproduced as-is with just the rhythm and bells and nice tampura. Would like to add this song and ragam, has been always on the top of my favorite list of ragas, since my childhood days and just that now more ragas have been added ;)

Couple of pronounciation errors yet again, kinda diluted by three people singing it :-(

Rating : unrated :-)

September Madham - Asha Bhosle, Shankar Mahadevan

Typical fast, dance number with awesome bass and heavy arabic influence in the main melody line. Catchy rhythm, acoustic guitar, youthful rendering by Asha and Shankar mark the highlight of the song.

The picturization of this song was a let down, imho

Rating 4.1 out of 5

Snehidhane - Sadhana Sargam, Srinivas

Srinivas starts off with 'Netru' in a false voice and is backed by a chorus and slap/bass which sets up the dreamy start to the song.

Sadhana comes in with her easy and lovely style singing Snehidhane and one notices the use of superb chords right away to wonderfully convey the romance element in the song. The pallavi seems to take many turns, all providing with wonderful bursts of melody. Idhe azhutham (1.10) and vazhvin (1.20) and vazhvin (1.26) all are unexpected changes in the direction of the melody - no one is complaining though :-). Note the total vaccum of musical instruments between 1.26 - 1.30 where the melody carries the burden.

Sarangi marks the first interlude with tabla and payal adorning the piece. It is pretty much along the lines of the main melody of the song.

The first stanza, is yet another, turn of melody. Wonderful is the only word that can be used to describe the feeling. Beautiful chords and amazing work on the bass sustain the first stanza, which traverses the realm of dream-sequence :-) . The tune returns to its main melody theme, yet again at 2.41 - which brings you beautifully back to the pallavi - what lovely chords !

Second interlude is the chorus singing of Netru - yet again the bass work is simply amazing. The second stanza is more or less the same as the first one, but the there are very small of sections of cutsy improvisations ( at 4.35 - a whistle like) that bring cool'ness

Very adddddorable and lovely song - seemingly formed the inspiration for the song Vaseegara (Minnale - not a copy, a beautiful song in its own stead)

High points are the chords and bass work ! - awesome, very good voice of Sadhana, pronounciation could have been better.

For the raga enthusiasts, there seems to be some mix of natabhairavi and mohanam (briefly in the stanzas) in this song :)

Rating 4.8 out of 5

Kadhal Sadugudu - S.P Charan, Naveen

Simplicity is the name of this song. Take a piano and a bass guitar and shakers for rhythm, and produce a song of this calibre - Mark of a genius !!!

Charan (SPB's son - you can almost hear SPB at places ;) ) and Naveen (the inimicable flautist) get started with Kadhal Sadugudu. The pallavi is just awesome, especially at places like Alaiye (00.35-00.45) - notice the bass guitar riff at 0.51 - COOL and nakila nakila (00.55-1.05)

Song is basically developed on the theme from pallavi. The first interlude is nothing but brief piano section to setup the first stanza, the chords help the transition.

Neerattum Nerathil opens the stanza, is just the beginning of what leads to a wonderful crescendo of the song. You can observe how, the melody and pace of the song is slowly built up by the intensity of the tune and chords and the use of the piano. Starting En Kannil (2.01) the chords, bass and piano converge to start giving you the preview of goose bumps that you'll encounter when u get to En Vazhvum En Savum Un Kannin Asaivile (2.11-2.16) - Breathtaking ! - Here is where, the song missed SPB :-)

Second interlude is non-existent, and ARR gets the stanza started in a hurry. But for some minor variations on the piano plays, it follows the first to a T, but does not fail to give you another round of goose bumps ;) (3.33- 3.38)

The return to pallavi witnesses some more instrumentation and some good work on the bass yet again at 4.09-4.11

Very short song (4.30) by ARR standards - yea a grouse, with such a wonderful melody line, the song could have been longer :-)

Bass and piano hijack the song from the start to end - Wonderful and simple melody !

Natabhairavi (s r1 g2 m1 p d1 n2) seems to be the overriding ragam in this song :)

Rating 4.6 out of 5

Evano Oruvan - Swarnalatha

Howling winds welcome you in this melancholic song - with superb instrumentation and heavy arabic influence. Swarnalatha is a perfect fit with this son. Her forte is her ability to emote and intonate very well

Strings section starting sets the sad mood for the song (00.45-1.00) - reminds you some of the opening-credit-scores in older day (50's) movies. Kiravani (s r1 g2 m1 p d1 n3 S) it is !!!

Pallavi is cute, with certain pieces seemingly more sad than others. Thavam pol (1.18) and avan oodhum (1.39) being the clinchers. Very minimal instrumentation.

Interlude, sees Naveen in action - this time with the flute (1.53-2.08) - the tune seems to plead you to enjoin the sadness - such emotion ! and the opening strings section repeated completes the interlude.

The stanza is basically an extension of the pallavi with nice santoor/harp like backing and strings section and flute chirps in to support the lines. Continues to be simple and sad :-D. The second interlude is the highlight of the song. It begins with the repeat of the opening string section. A brief pause, adorned only by the rhythm ( 3.38-3.45) and suddenly a faced-paced string arrangement races your senses 3.49-4.05. This is typical ARR arrangement, but once again, the tempo and the ragam reminds you of some older day scores (not a copy, just similar).

Second stanza is no different than the first - but the lyrics - man Vairamuthu rocks - Andha Kuzhalai pol azhuvadharku - athanai kangal enakkilaye (4.59-5.07) - meaning, can't cry as much as a flute, since i lack that many eyes - in reference to the bamboo holes :-)

And the flute draws the curtain on the song. Very soulful melody.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Endrendrum Punnagai - Clinton, Pravin, Srinivas, Shankar Mahadevan

One of the two add-ons to the orignial album - is a short, but a fast-paced, dance number. Typical rock number - with good work on the guitar, simple rhythm, nice chorus, and lotsa synth work - mark this number. Maddy starring this bit was a raging hit :-)

Rating 4.3 out of 5

Mangalyam Thanthuna Clinton, Srinivas

Second add-on - is more of a free-form of Endrendrum Punnagai with chanting of Mangalyam thanthunaane na - the famous words with which many TFMovies end ;)

Rating 4.2 out of 5

The album emphasised more on the melody aspect, without compromising on the mass-appeal factor - and came out successful. As with MR & ARR combo, the songs were all raging hits - and this is definitely a must-have in your collection.

Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5

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Sriram C S said...

First to comment!! That was a very well chalked out review!! But you missed out on the visualization part of evanO oruvan...the low hanging monsson clouds, the persistent rain, Shalini with her vacant look in the medical camp and not to mention the finish of the song - Maddy running towards the river steps as Shalini is helped up by someone. And the dialogues that follow this song!! And yes, I remeber there were two versions of SnehithiyE - one with Srinivas singing nERRu and another with the same thing sung by some Hindi singer...don't quite remember the name...any pointers there? And athu ennappa TFMovies?

Ram.C said...

most of them are my favourites too....'pacchai nirame' /'snehidhane' / 'yaro..' / 'engengum...'... i loved the photography in that 'pacchai nirame' song...

sen said...

excuse me,
I just faited after seeing the post size .. i will come some other time and read.

Zeppelin said...

cool post dude... :)

picturization - PC at his best in Pachai Nirame and Kadhal Sadugudu.. Evano Oruvan, a cake walk for Mani/PC combination.. :)

btw, have you noticed the shadowy-synth effect ~3.47-3.52 in kadhal sadugudu... thats the only time that appears in that song... also were you able to spot the slight variation in bass between the first and second stanzas ?

also the effect of a powerful electric guitar slide in the song "mangalyam" was stunning !

my personal favs..
-the subdued bass in the snehidhane(the song as well, but u know me..:))
-kadhal sadugudu (actually #1 fav)
-pachai nirame

cheers mate !

SamY said...

happpa waiting for one such review 4 long ...

the flute piece in Sakiye simply made it stand out the best in the album for me :)

nice one dhadha ;)

Arvind said...


I actually watched the movie in some worn-out cassette - so could not appreciate the visuals at all :-(

TF = Tamil Film :)

Very nice and diverse collection indeed !

:-) What do you if there are 10 songs in the album ;) - almost like 'bhakth meera' a.k.a oliyum oLiyum ;)

Arvind said...


Already i get beaten up for such details - idhula vitta kurai thotta kurai veraya ;) ?

Thx :-)

thennavan said...

Arvind you excel yourself. Enna analysis and you are right, I always get "goose bumps" when I hear that portion in Kaadhal Sadugudu (my one and only favorite and hummable song in the movie) :-)

Arvind said...


Thanks :-) - with SPB, you are guaranteed to bumpier blisters ;)

arun said...

inna maamoo... romba peeling aagure.. ?

seri andha details atleast notice panniya ? hehe

Rags said...

Great Review dude...I got goose bumps after seeing the review...Very apt and very informative...

I was specially impressed by the Endrendrum Punngagai...as it just has 2 lines for lyrics and Rahman makes the music do the talking most of the times...

I always felt that SPB Charan's voice sounds similar to SPBs during his early days (listen to Ayiram Nilave va...) ...I firmly believe that Charan will as successful like his father.

Arvind said...




Danx :-)

Charan = SPB.... mmm SPB has left most people currently on the earth behind... IMHO :-)

ak said...

nenechen ! :D ...vetti !

sen said...

great review dude,This is one of those few movies in which spb charan sang. wish spb charan was given more oppurtunities.

Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Nice reveiw. Especially the Snehidhane song had recieved an apt rating from u.

theonlyap said...

the most romantic and sensitive movie .. well chalked out...except for the climax...

"Yevano oruvan"..i guess it was sung by swarnalatha..her voice in high pitch is utilized well by ARR in few of his hits (like Porale ponnuthai..in karuthamma)

u shld take trouble to watch mastermind @ work (pc's work) in a DVD print ... awesome visuals..not to mention ARR's hits..i have already watched this film many times..and even if it gets telecasted now...i would be right there sitting and wathing it again and again !! :-)

ROBBIE said...

Oh my god!!
I hate to start out with negatives but you gotta shorten your reviews. Limit your size dude, and preferably remove stuff like there was a ting ting sound from 0.50S to .52Secs I am tired of this style. It will be better if you just cut those things out and leave the listener to enjoy the song as a whole. Most of the time ordinary musically illiterate listeners like me listen to music just for recreation and not for the small shouts of aah inbetween. So I would be really honored if you listened for once and made your reviews shorter and sweeter.
But to just say something positive...

ROBBIE said...

Another small request,
can you please explain the basis on which you rate these songs. Some of them have a 4.5 or a 4.6 what would in the name of the devil be the difference between a rating of 4.5 and 4.6?

Shiva said...

arvind, nice review..
though I didnt understand the technicalities behind the rating I was surprised that Kadhal Sadugudu and Evano Oruvan were given 4.6/4.5 as opposed to other songs in your archives were some of them were 5.
I think these 2 are masterpieces..

Arvind said...




SPCharan, has had many breaks, but as time has seen, somehow has not clicked :(

Thanks :-)

Arvind said...


Long overdue da, will check it out ! :-)


rangi is back i hear ;) ? back with a bang ???? hows u been ?


Thanks :-)


You guys expect to give the secret away that easily ehhh ? :P

The ratings are not purely technical, more-so for music. Actually speaking, they are more person oriented and emotional.

It can be explained verbosely, but put loosely, it depends on how 'appealing' the song is (mostly), how much it connects to me (a bit)


***Diamon*** said...

Arvind I think I developed a headache after I was done reading. This is one detailed critic.

Good job though you kept it interesting until the end.

Arvind said...


Thanks :-) and welcome back after a long time ;)

***Diamon*** said...

thanks, hey I have been back several times just didn't get a chance to comment.

Padmasani said...

Arvind nice and detailed reviews.
Since I know these songs I could appreciate well.

I also have felt that when my posts were long, even interested people found it tiresome.

Time has become a big problem for everyone. Like total duration of katcheris are cut short to the duration of just one item. But the pains you take is appreciable.

Why dont you split and post instead of one long post. You may not have to compromise on the details.

Just a suggestion. You will/should decide what you want in your blog. though.

Arvind said...


Was just kidding :-)


Thanks for your comments. I'm considering alternative approaches. Obviously, as readers, you all would be the first to come to know of it :-)

Ganesh said...

whats up

Arvind said...


Sema busy - :-((((

ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

On this christmas sunday, as I played this old favourite movie songs, also Googled for reviews - and landed on this post.
Yeah - i was lukcy - the post is exactly what i was looking for!.
Read the reviews as each of the song was playing - and neadless to say - Enjoyed your review as much as the songs!

Arvind said...

Thanks Jeeva :-) Do check out the other reviews from the archives as well (Music Review Archives section in my profile)

RS said...

That was an awesome review, Arvind!!!! Almost captured all my thoughts on the songs... I know its a pretty old post, it was returned as one of my google hits today and gotta read it..

My 2 cents on the songs, Kaadal Sadugudu deserves a 5/5 and definitely a better rating than Snehithane.. The beginning wave music is just awesome.. Its my all-time fav so mabbe am being biased :)..

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Anonymous said...

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