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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


These are the indian businessmen that are talked about most. Well, they deserve to be called businessmen, they run it efficiently, better than six zigma error tolerance - timely and effectively :-)

If uneducated but dedicated, committed people can exhibit such a discipline in the daily work and produce superb world quality service - why can't the thousands of educated produce atleast half of the quality ?

Look at all of hundreds of thousands of companies,institutions, shops of various sizes, various areas of specialisation etc - every single place has scope of improvement in the quality of service.

In the book called "What is management ? Why it is everyone's business" - the author nails it on the head (actually borrowed from Peter F. Drucker's Practise of Management) - that value creation for the customer, is the only & primary index of any business's success.

While in India - every single shop acts as if, they are our customers ! :-) and they decide what should be thrown at us !

Will things change ?


Sridhar said...

They are not merely carrying the packed food across various places but they follow a strategy in which the timings is well maintained,network is created,identifying routes that takes less time in reaching apart from other planning also. If you can highlight their strengths and modus operandi of Dabbawalahs it will be helpful for an organization to redesign their way of working which enables better productivity.

Arvind said...


Yes, it as an amazingly, well planned, networked and architected solution.

Detailing the modus operandi, would be an overkill in a blog-like context, since it is worth a PhD !

Adi said...

Thank you for sharing.
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