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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Its funny...

TBS Super station has been running ads these days promoting why their channel carries the prime-time comedy tag. Well, they have Sienfeld, Friends, Everybody loves Raymond - both of them IMHO all time great shows....

To promote these, they run ads which are like ...."Real life - it is not funny" and show real life incident - and "TV it is funny" and show some clips from one of these comedy serials which is really funny.

To get to get to understand why it is so funny on the TV is because one is able to relate to such incidents and when one makes fun of fools on the TV you dont get beaten up.

How often, have you come across people in meetings - who suddenly raise their voices and say the obviously wrong thing loud and finally proclaim it is wrong.... e.g. "Wait wait, are you going to jump out of a running bus, you must NOT do it - it will possibly kill you" :-))

Talking of funny - i think most people can relate to having 'experiences' with room mates - try this blog is real nice Things I Hate about my flatmate