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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I take public transportation to commute to my office - so i spend close to 2 hours everyday with strangers that I have never met before and may never meet again (well, I leave the propability to the mathematicians)

One could observe, at your own peril, many things that seem funny at first...you will a person suddenly shouting something and go silent- then you realize he has headphones on...a person talk and then realize, he in on a hands-free conversation with cellphone...and then people who suddenly laugh out loud (LOL) reading something...

I would look at them and would never understand how people can really LOL and that too *alone*.

On a related note, I picked up Scott Adam's (Best of Dilbert series) 'It is not Funny if I have to explain it' - Scott Adam's personal favorites with his commentary running below the strips.

Wait, before you think what has this got to do with this blog - beg you for your patience :-)

Man, does this guy have a genius for creativity :-) , ahem - well many of his strips (according to him were 'inspired' from real life incidents) have a real life parallel - so we will *HAVE* to give some credit to all of us ;-)

So far the best has been

Pointy Haired Boss (boss) to Alice : "Alice, your performance appraisal for this period is - 'Meets the expectations' "
Alice : (Furious) - "What ? I worked 80 hours a week and delivered all my projects on time"
Boss : "Well, I expected that"

:-)) before you roll on the floor laughing

Alice : "I earned two patents this year and our company can make millions out of it"
Boss : (Surprised) "Wow...really ?" (collects himself) "I mean, I expected that as well"
Alice : " I donated bone marrow twice to our customers"
Boss : " I noted that under the 'Attendance Problem' "
Dilbert to Alice : "Told you, that bone marrow thingie will come back to haunt you"

I literally jumped in my seat in the bus with laughter. I could see a few heads turning at me.....I now understand what 'Empathy' means :-)

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