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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sania Mania

Never in history, did we have the oppurtunity to celebrate an Indian woman winning a ATP tournament. Well, Sania took the honors and in what a way ! - it has been a stunning year so far for the lass from hyderabad (No, am not mocking hindu.com by calling her lass in every line ;) ).

Staying so far away from the country, have'nt yet had a chance to watch her play. Ofcourse, one can&should NEVER trust tabloids like timesofindia's write up on anyone. They are what they are...tabloid - any sleazy sensation would do.

Let us hope she becomes a top-30 player which in itself would be a great honor and pride for all Indians.

Wishing her all the best....


Eshwar said...

top 30 ??

Anonymous said...

yada yada yada