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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Diamond Diamond Everywhere

Astronomers suggest that there may be planets in our galaxy that are 'diamond' planets - hundreds of kilometers of 'thick diamond layers'.

It is history that americans bought land in moon at $21/acre, i think eBay should soon see some ads for diamond acres - guess lotsa marriage proposals will be now like 'will you marry me - and hand out a couple of acres of diamond planet' :-))

On a philosphical note - what value will be diamond be on a diamond planet ? will sand be mightily valuable on that planet ? what exactly is value ? - what people are willing to pay for something ? Hope some shrewd business minds dont get together to create artifically high value for some vague item and make all people go mad over it !

Diamond Planet


Eshwar said...

Hey buddy there are enough stars out there for all of us. Just pick one and put it in your will !!

neha said...

american's bought land on the moon? didnt know that. from whom?

Arvind said...

Hi Neha,

Thanks for landing at some interesting old post :-)

Yes..many x-presidents of usa have bought properties on moon.. :)