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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Michael Madana Kama Rajan

Where do I start ? where do i stop ? - IMHO this is *THE BEST* movie ever made. Every single dialog will make you roll on the floor laughing. Especially when you do a character analysis.

Have seen this movie more than hundred times. Entire movie is almost by-heart now :-) I sometimes wonder whether I should do a Ph.D on the movie ;)

As hard is it for a creator to identify his best creations - it is equally hard to say which was the best character. Once again, the palakkad paati STANDS OUT.

I always wanted to ask Kamal/Crazy Mohan, who was the real person that 'inspired' the paati character :-))

More on the movie later....


tech said...

The patti is the funniest character without doubt, down to the somersaults and the rest at the end of the movie! Kameshwaram is a close second. Kameshwaran's character steals the limelight as far as the Kamal roles go. Patti comes first, though!

Adi said...

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