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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Burning Midnight Oil

US House began debating the need for a bill at 9pm Sunday to decide whether a federal court needs to review the 'case of Terri Schiavo' who has been suffering from 'persistent vegitative state'.

Without getting into the legality/morality of the house trying to order a judicial review of the courts' decision - it is mightily heartening to note that, the elected members convene on a weekend, when the house itself is not in session to fight for the ca(u)se of a single woman, and the outcome, could affect many other homes in the country.

Shift the focus back to India, where our lawmakers dont even work when they are supposed to work, with only regular thing being 'walkout' of the parliament. It brings back the memories, irratatingly so, of the parliament conducting a 'discussion' about the 'pesticides' in pepsi/coke on the very day of a study showing that pesticide level in the drinks are very high.

Don't hold you breath for very long - our 'honorable' law makers did act - they passed a law 'banning use of pepsi/coke/other cool drinks with immediate effect within the premises of the parliament'. Wow what promptness when it comes to saving themselves. If my memory serves me right, there has not been any law yet for the public !

If asked, they'd justify their haste by saying, for the public to be 'served/representated' well in the parliament, the MPs should be healthy and kicking %#@

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