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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Finally...a win

Howdy everyone ? Sorry, was held up with 'work' and thanks for all those who eagerly asked for more.

On top of my b-agenda (blogging agenda) is India's victory..rather late. On paper, Indian team outlasts Pak team man-to-man. A team that boasts of Sehwag, Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly & Laxman in its batting ranks can't be matched by *any* other team in the world...atleast on paper. Bowling has always been in-consistent with occasional heroes who have misfired more than they have fired.

Nonetheless, Indian team finally managed to win...thanks to the two unsung geniuses of the team. Kumble has 460+ wickets to his name and still always has to fight to get into the team! He is still accused of can't spin the ball, can't take wickets in unfriendly conditions blah blah...man this guy came into the ground with a broken jaw in West Indies. Nothing more can prove his detractors wrong.

Dravid....compared to Kumble he has been acknowledged to a better extent, but continues to be the bridesmaid. Rediff carried an article sometime back with the same title. How unfortunate should he be to never given the credit since Tendulkar scored a 50 in the same match. Dravid might not be 'crowd-puller' nor might his game by 'exciting', nor does his foto on paper sell, still he is *The Fulcrum* behind the Indian successes in the past four years.

To all those Sachin fans reading this, no...this does not mean am bashing Sachin - he is a *genius* without any doubt - but all the 'excitement' in his game is now a thing of past...when was the last time you saw Sachin as 'vintage sachin' not a new-age sachin who cuts out the risk to make sure runs are made albeit to team's advantage.

If sachins plays a non-enterprising innings as well, why does it matter if the runs are scored by Dravid or Sachin ? Should Dravid not be, then, equally cherished? Should he not applauded heartily for his decision to keep the wickets and bat, despite being one of the senior most member of the team ? Man, why can't the sachins, gangulys and laxman's of the world together roll their arms over and perform a decent fifth bowler's job ?

Will Team India really act like a team or few players who (easily outlast others in teamsmanship) perform 150% create the impression of 'team india'

Time will tell.

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