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Saturday, March 12, 2005


Responding to a interesting (and controversial, atleast to me) blog by one of my buddies Siva about 'piracy' that is hidden inside everyone.

Agreed. On a different but related note - wright brothers took the help of so many people, organizations and institutions to invent the flying machine and when they patented it and asked for royalty - the *whole* country was simply shocked and outraged !

Think of the 'founder' of electricity asking for royalty everytime you use it !. How about 'phone'- every word you speak, you have to pay a percentage to the 'founding father'

Matter of fact - no single invention then on, can ever claim any other *sole royalty* coz - their invention took 'electricity' for granted !

It is only coz of the sheer 'magnanimity' or more rightly 'contribution to the human soceity' that drove people to invent rather than to make a living out of it

Once again taking a philosophical nonetheless controversial stand - the moment one tries to 'stay healthy' - that itself is stealing the mandate of 'fate' that you get obese. Yes, you can always argue that *it is fate* that makes you into trying to stay healthy - it is the same fate that makes you 'copy/steal' as well :-)))

Honestly, dont understand what stand I have here !

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