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Saturday, March 12, 2005

[sports] India's 'warm hearted gesture'

India extended a friendly hand to the touring Pakistan cricket team by making sure the latter would not be disappointed by a loss of a sound cricketing performance by India.

To make the guests comfortable and not feel let down, Indians displayed utter lack of urgency while they were batting and complete absence of the passion to win while they were bowling ensuring that Pakistan managed to draw and hold their heads high.

Kudos India - the 'warm hearted gesture' will go a long way.

One is very sure that 'boys' tried their best while 'credit' has to be given to the tourists for the way their lower order held up against some 'good bowling'.

As much as we can boast about our talent, if we dont have the right attitude & passion to win, we *WILL* always be chasing only 'individual milestones'.

This is a single factor that separates the 'Champion Aussies' and 'the rest'.

Looks like, after all, my pre-series prediction would not be very far off from reality!

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