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Thursday, March 03, 2005

From a freaking cell to a fearful cage

Chennai, has a central prison at the heart of its city (no pun intended). Everytime i used to travel via 'Park Station' - which is the transit point to 'Chennai Central Junction' - one can see the 'high' walls of the prison right from the station platform.

Incidentally, they also have a place called 'Theevu thidal' - 'Island grounds' as it is called more fashionably these days.This Island grounds hosts many public events like exhibitions, magic shows, circus etc.

Vandalur Zoo is one of the biggest in South Asia (as have been told). It is located in the outskirts of the city at a place called Vandalur (yeah too obvious)

Without testing your limits of patience - there is a connection among all of the above. A 'Joke' - a what ? : yes, you heard it right.

Before the zoo came to Vandalur, it was located at the Island grounds(hope, i got my facts right) or somewhere near that place. The prison was literally adjacent to the zoo.

Some comedian (you thought the joke was mine ? ;)) thought of a color one.

A life-sentence prisoner laboriously spends 10 years digging a tunnel from within his cell (apparently to escape). Fate had something else in mind. When he finally reached his exit point outside the prison - he began hearing loud growls - not unsure of what it was, he ventured to come out - and he realised it was a lion's cage !.

This is what westerners call 'from the frying pan into the fire' - i though i'd share this joke with you to coin 'from the freaking cell to a fearful cage'.

BTB, a twist ending to the blog(God, i can't seem to shrug off my habit of imitating night shyamalan. Anu malik is happy that am not into music direction). Vandalur hosts 'Crescent Engineering College' which is right adjacent to our college, where 'yours truly' did his engineering course.

Ofcourse, there used to a mischievous smile when people heard 'vandalur' associated with our college name - but we often used to bring immediate burst of laughter by remarking that, 'Yes, the zoo was our staff room'. (Pardon me teachers).

1 comment:

Raman said...

Your post evokes nostalgic memories about our college daa. It is ironic that inspite of studying four years there, hardly ever visited the neighbouring zoo. The only time that I ever went there was for the holi celebration during 2nd year. In fact, we returned back without even meeting any of our teachers ( oops ... sorry ... there i go again ;-) )

BTW, did you hear about our college becoming more stringent nowadays? The way things are down there now, I would have been dismissed in no time ;-) Am I glad that I belong to an earlier generation :-))