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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

[Song Watch] Sonnalum Kaetpadhillai

Sonnalum Kaetpadhillai by Harini,Unnikrishnan from the movie Kadhal Virus.

It is amazingly sweet, melodious and occasionally a bit slow - never on the richness of the tune - from the stables of A.R.Rahman

Harini, to my gripe, has always been exuding the excitable, childlike texture in her voice ever since singing the 'nila kaigirathu'. I can't find a word that suits - but occasional howling would be commonplace in her songs. Of late (i.e. since '02) she has been sounding more and more mature like 'moonrezhuthu' from Parthale Paravasam.

Is her motherhood bringing this maturity ?

Without digressing more, Sonnalum, to me, has been her 'best' and 'most' mature performance as a singer - she imaginatively weaves in and out of this song...to the extent that Unnikrishnan was made to look like 'by the book' singer !

Kudos to her - like to hear more of such songs from ARR and Harini combo.

Talking of sounding 'mature' - what was it that ARR has done to his voice in 'Yeh Jo Des Hai' - many people wondered who the singer was. Excellent performance.

If he is gonna sing like this, would be a welcome, different voice, to the band of singers.

Hail Melody!


Raman said...

You are right daa. Harini definitely has matured as a singer - both in voice and in her rendering. The first song that I noticed this maturity in was Enna Dhavam Seidhanai in Parthiban Kanavu.

The song was wonderfully rendered. In my book, she transcended away from her Nila Kaaiguradhu influence then!

BTW, thanks for linking to my blog. Have finally managed to find the time to link back :)

vijay said...

You havent talked about the prelude in Sonnalum Ketpadhillai, with the evocative volins.

Rahman gives a free reign to his singers in the sangathis/brighas department (unlike IR) and his melodies have slowly grown in complexity since his Chinna chinna aasai days.My only gripe is sometimes with an intention of experimenting with a new structure or style of presentation he tries a bit too much and compromises on the flow of melody with abrupt scale changes,disjoint parts and so on.
It took me several hearings to accept the scale change between pallavi/charanam in Deivam thandha poove. Initially, I didnt like the charanams at all after a promising start. Maintaining the flow while experimenting is important.

Another Harini song for you to check out if you havent already - aalanguyil koovum rail from Parthiban Kanavu by Vidyasagar. Check out the lyrics as well. A noteworthy semiclassical after a long time.

Arvind said...

Sometimes he tries too much is very true - for e.g. enna solli from Tenali - also took a long time to reconcile - especially the stanzas :-(

thx for commenting on old post :-) i used this chance to read it again !

priya_41 said...

Hi, sir good to read that u like the songs but look at clouds also na sir, it so beautiful every evening when ever i happen to get time i try to see the sun and imagine the same colour a rare combination of beauty and colour sir, even the sad song in the same movie is worth dying for once u hear it it could bring the whole story in one line "eyakum kalanayan anne yoona eney ne eyake marathai peen"