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Thursday, March 10, 2005

[Entertainment] Director Shankar and ARR

Shankar is one of the leading directors of southern film industry. He has directed/produced blockbusters that are far ahead of other MOMs 'Message-Oriented-Masala' movies.

One of the hallmarks of his creation is the music. ARR has been de-facto music-man and the combo has produced some scintillating mixture of peppy dance tunes and memorable melodies. Who can forget a 'En Veetu thotathil' (Gentleman) 'Ennavale' (Kadhalan) 'Telephone mani pol' (Indian) 'Anbe Anbe' or 'Kurukku'/'Azhagana Ratchasiye' (Mudhalvan). There are many more wonderful songs that, if started listing, will occupy the entire real-estate of the blog.

After the musical chart-buster but monetary box-office busted venture of 'Boys' - Shankar is working on 'Anniyan' with Vikram as the lead hero - but the music direction is by 'Harris Jeyaraj'. Initially there were reports of fallout, both Shankar and ARR refuted them - then almost in a united voice they both said ARR had some commitments - but HJ is also equally good composer blah blah....

Now, in a recent interview to 'The Hindu', Shankar has said 'both of us have decided to go our separate ways'.

It would be a big loss to lovers of top-notch music that Shankar and ARR has produced, not-withstanding the abilities of HJ.

Hope it is 'both of us have decided to go our separate ways' - just for this movie.

Time will tell !

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