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Sunday, May 01, 2005

[Book Watch] Angels & Demons..follow up

Dan Brown did it again. Started this book early last week and b.logged the initial thougts. As with his first book (The Da Vinci Code), he made me go through the entire 550 odd pages in 3-4 days.

He brings in an amazing mixture of facts (locations, architectural artifacts, museums etc) and fiction (the story itself) and mysterious groups (Priory of Sion in 'Da..' and Illuminati in this one) with the Robert Langdon as the pivot.

The plot the (then latest) invention of 'anti-matter' that is stolen and the Illuminati kidnapping four of the perfereti cardinals and announcing their death at the stroke of every hour. Church is also held hostage with the anti-matter set to explode reducing the vatican to dust within the next 4 hours. Meanwhile a conclave to elect the new pope is just about to begin. Will the church relent by calling off the conclave, will Robert Langdon help the church find anti-matter, will he defuse the crisis ? forms the rest of the story.

It is very racy, with twists and turns at every corner, some of them quite obvious and some of them apparently not. But in the end he tries one too many and atleast I could see the twist endings coming after the end ! Don't want to give away any more.

Ofcourse, as with 'Da V..' this book also has its fair share of what everyone would call as 'blasphemous passages' but hey, as the author repeatedly cries, think about it and make your own decision.

Rating : Regarding the decision of whether or not to read the book, i definetely recommend reading (think about it and make your own decision)

Happy Reading !

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Praveen said...

Hi arvind,
..read ur review of angels & demons.nice work...this book & davincicode captivated me like hell.....am gonna read his 2 other books soon..
also chkout my review of davincicode & angels & demons at
& post ur valuable comments...
hope 2 read more reviews from you soon....
with love, praveen