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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

That was horrible..

Americon Idol is one of the surest bets to hog TV ratings and gain instant popularity with the audience. It has repeatedly performed the trick for Fox Network, not withstanding the sensation mongering 'O'Reilly Show'

The idea of people 'voting' to elect their idol and the tremendous participation of viewers is what makes the show click.

Flashhhhhhhhhh to a different scene.....

'Attraction' by 'repulsion' is a phenomenon that all Indian movie goers are familiar with. The hero and herione would be fighting to the extent of killing each other and suddenly they become the closest since humans & money.

Flashhhhhhhhhh to the current scene.....

The same factor has been put to good use with 'Simon' from American Idol. 'He is caustic' is an understatement. Most people feel his comments are so rude & unfair. People just 'love' to 'hate' him.

Well, i beg to disagreee. 95% of the cases, his 'judgement' is spot on...may be his comments are not appropriate, may be he needs to be more polished, may be he does not need to drive a truck over people's ego...but when he says someone is not good enough to 'sing', he is right.

Randy is ok...not always consistent, Paula is the 'sizzle' factor, she is the 'moderate' person amongst the judges, shedding tears bringing a 'aahhhhhhhh' or 'ugggggggggh' from the audience.

Today was the finals of American Idol. I would not say i was impressed with what was put up as the 'finalists'...the previous idols finalists were better, but hey these are american people's idols...they are the people's pulse :-)

Talking of which, am reminded of some ARR interview(Not sure about the source) where he was asked, 'what do you remember about your school days'. He replied that at that time, he hardly found time to study, he used to play for bands & troupes and then rented out instruments, playing around with them and learning them etc and rarely would have time to devote attention towards curricular activities. One time, his teacher scolded him saying 'intha maathiri ellam harmonium vasikarennu, ooru suthitu thirinja, naalaikku station le pichakaran mathiri paada vaendi varam'.

Translation: (Without spending time towards studies) If you roam around playing harmonium etc, you would end up playing it like a beggar at the railway station

and apparently having said that, ARR smiled :-)

It may have hurt ARR a simple musician then, a genius now. I would not blame the teacher very much...(s)he was trying to emphasise the need for education more than extra-curricular activities. Yes, he could have been not that mean and rude, but he was doing his job.

The teacher, when watching the interview, would have had massive attack of guilt or remorse, would'nt blame them either. How would he feel ?....That was horrible. Nonetheless an interesting incident !

So would be, when, after you, singing your heart out hear Simon say, 'That was the dullest/boring performance i've ever heard'

That is indeed horrible !


kkirukan said...

American Idol has gone down so bad, I dont watchit anymore.
BO lost to Cherri which I thought was already made decision.

Ganesh said...

will do so from now on.
Let me know how you like the new one

dinesh said...

Yeah I agree with what you say here. Sometimes simon gives the impression that he does not even listen to the song. He comes in with a pre conceived opinion and under the pretext of being straight forward, blasts the performers with no mercy watsoever. I thought on some occasions, his comments were not deserved.

raman said...

Is my understanding wrong? I thought Arvi was saying that Simon was spot-on with his judgement majority of the time.

Dinesh, you seem to have agreed with Arvi but then said the complete opposite? So, do you agree with Arvi or disagree with him with regards to Simon? Or maybe itz just me who's confused!

Arvind said...


Unakku indha 'naradhar' velai ellam thevaiya ? ;)

Dinesh used words like 'on occasions' & 'sometimes' to disagree with me and 5% (as referred in my blog) can definitely be called as 'sometimes'

But you nicely side-stepped whether you agree with the blog or not ;)

raman said...

Arvi, I wasn't trying to do Naradhar velai here. Anyways, as they say, Naradhar kalagam nanmaiyil thaan mudiyum. So, let me leave it at that.

Regarding the side-stepping, have not watched American Idol all that much, so will refrain from commenting.

Arvind said...