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Saturday, May 07, 2005

God's Competitors a.k.a Mothers

Mother's Day is celebrated on May, 8th Sunday. There are many blogs that already pay glowing tributes to mom's all over. Check out Raman's, Srikanth's, Ammani's and more.....

It is only fitting that 'Infinite goodness' can be glorified in infinite ways.

Mothers defy Science (no chemical reaction can signify their love), Math (no math equation can signify her ability to divide infinite love equally infinitely, among her children), Biology (no living organ can signify the compassion she has) and so on...

Affection,care,selflessness and many more adjectives, even that are yet to be coined, can be used to glorify their goodness and themselves.

Mothers give God a run for His money. Mom sure does tend to all her children and can't bear all her children beating each other up. 'He' himself can't seemingly do that, looking at so much destruction in the world (This topic can't be treated fully here, out-of-scope)

It would be only pertinent to ask, what would make a mother most happy. Have we been behaving ourselves as children ? if we have, then as Her children - mother of all mothers ?

With so much to distinguish themselves from other lesser mortals in the world....mothers can be His perfect competitors ....alas, they have been the people, who have the utmost devotion & dedication to Him/Her. Is that something we have to learn ?

Funny are the ways of Her.

To mothers all over the world, the past, the present, the future, the omnipresent - let us keep them all happy and let Her children be all peaceful.

Thankyou mothers !


Krishna said...

Nice one dude. Happy Mother's day.

Eshwar said...

Good one. How true.

Anonymous said...

interesting :-)