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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Chappell, the new Indian Cricket Coach

Being an Indian, cricket lover and blogger - it would be highly unfair, if i did not devote atleast one blog towards the latest developments in cricket.

After much hype & hoopla over the possible candidates for the Indian cricket coach, BCCI has finally settled for the old race horse Greg Chappell former Aussie Captain.

As always the controversy sorrounding whether we need foreign coaches etc continue to be raked up and supported by the media.

We are all living in a world where competition is the keyword. The salary is rumored to be in the range of 200K dollars per year. Now, at this pay-rate, controversies are understandable. One question that i still have is, assuming Gavaskar or some other Indian was selected...would he be paid at a similar scale ?. He need not be...you pay for the services you get. Then would you make use of the services he provide ? BCCI - uh-uhh...NO. He does not get to select the team. He does not get to select the players. He does not get to select the 'strategy'. He does not get to participate in the 'vision' of the game. So why do we need him ? Wake up BCCI !!!

What India cricket needs is *professionalism*. We have talented players. We are paper tigers. We have the money. BCCI is unimaginably rich. So why can't we consistently succeed ?

There is lack of professionalism. This i think should be the primary goal of the new coach. One thing that scares me is what *all* are talking about. All the players are international players, they don't need to be taught how to bowl or bat.

I beg to disagree. Our bowlers DO NOT bowl yorkers. They only think of yorkers as a virtual entity. Our batsmen DO NOT play consistently. Our fielding, with exception of couple of folks is abysmal. What, i may ask, is the reply from our 'international players' ?

Unless we shed the attitude of 'I have done enough to sit on it and continue in the team' or 'Why is it, that I should be the person who always scores runs' no international coach is gonna help.

John Wright, to his credit brought in the idea of 'fitness' - which seems to have worked wonders for the team.

Can Chappell bring in professionalism first ? and then 'execution of strategies' so that India can graduate from the current situation of 'paper tigers really rats' to 'consistent cup holders' ? (not our desi cup ;) )


Eshwar said...

Any idea exactly how much he is being paid ?

Arvind said...

Yes....See Cricinfo