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Monday, May 16, 2005

Google's Holy Grail Exposed

For quite sometime now, Google has developed a huge following. It may not be completely a fan-base, but it includes various cross-sections, including people who are just curious.

As I was discussing this phenomenon with 'EyeStreet Eswar', he made a valid point, that many people seem to have a soft corner for Google unlike Mircosoft. Google looks more philanthropical than Mircosoft was the subject of the discussion...

Now for the first time, Google has come out with an 'official' presentation about 'Behind the Scenes' at Google.com

Yours truly is a Google fan, unabashedly so. A google on google, brought forth the following interesting links for the interested people out there.

Google Behind the Scenes

Also, their Gmail which has retained the ravest reviews in the recent public memory also has been unofficially openend by many enthusiasts.

GMail under the hood

There are various other articles out there as to how Google manages to squeeze out so much performance....couple of other articles that caught my eye were

Rocket Science & Plumbing & Reducing Latency by Preload

For the programming geeks, there are some Google Open source projects that help in 'multi-threaded' programming, performance analysis etc...check out Google Code

So long...happy googling.

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Eshwar said...

Yup...google can do no harm. Its full of good.