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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Diversification of Music Portfolio

I have been receiving feedback from all, that i should diversify my music review portfolio. So far I've been doing primarily ARR's select albums.

See So far I've been reviewing primarily ARR's albums, which to me, was like many birds in a single stone. I get to enjoy the music immensely, I get to write about what I enjoy and I get to take a critical view at the same time!

It takes so much time to write a detailed review, approximately of the order of 2-3 hours to analyse, criticize and organise the review.

However, as challenged by some of my buddies, reviews can't be simply confined to what i enjoy, but to let people know what they can enjoy ! It is not that i don't enjoy music from other artists, I definitely do. Vidyasagar, IR, HJ all produce good enjoyable music.

I am not sure that, am yet ready and in-business of doing neutral reviews for non-ARR albums. With more support from readers like you, I will try and diversify the music review portfolio as we go forward. To start with 'Anniyan' will be reviewed

Thanks for your continued patronage & support. And as always, your comments keep blogs rolling. Express yourselves !



Raman said...

Good to see you diversify to other music directors. You are too good a reviewer to be lost to us on just ARR tracks.

Looking forward to more critical reviews and analysis from you.

- Raman

Arvind said...

Thanks Raman. Let me put on some weight to bring my feet back down to earth :-) !

I definitely enjoy getting lost in music.

Will try to review 'buzz' making music, more often than in the past.

Keep visiting and commenting !

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