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Monday, May 09, 2005

[Book Watch] Fantastic Voyage...follow up

Following up on Fantastic Voyage by Ray & Terry.

What started off on a much promising note finally turned into a run-of-the-mill, how to keep oneself healthy.

It is kinda scary...according to the recommendation & their program (Ray & Terry's program) you end up taking upwards of 80 odd supplements/pills every day !.

The book had relevant passages of where the future is and what promise it holds. It may be interesting to people who specialize in bio-studies.

But i started losing interest half-way through the book, nonetheless, what kept me going was the continuous references to spices (not explicitly called 'Indian') that were supposedly healthy!

The book also quashed the myth, now popular, amongst the Desi community that Rotis/Wheat products in-itself is hands down superior to rice. Apparently, if at all it is better, both of them are equally not so good for health.

Having said that, 'Home Pride's Whole Wheat Bread is simply the best of bests !....however, I never get to taste the honey, which seduces your nose-while at the bread aisle in the super-market. Is that a fragrance/air-freshner ?

Anyway, the book overall does not live up to its promise.

Overall Rating : Can Read - 3.3 out of 5


Eshwar said...

Spices are healthy ?? hmm thats interesting.

And I guess 'thayir saadhum' finally beat roti by miles !!

Arvind said...

Yeah, that had included ginger,pepper etc and also cilantro....

wheat is better than rice, but not to the extent of dropping rice based carbohydrates & replcaing them with wheat based carbohydrates like rotis....

please do not compare apples with oranges....