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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Eggs...ummmmm tasty !

The world leader in the personal desktop operating system, microsoft, announced a competition called 'Gatekeeper Test - are you the ultimate security expert' aimed at developing the security skills of IT professionals in 19 countries around Europe & Middle East & Africa.

The idea was people could answer security related questions and the winner gets a free trip to Security Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Apparently, the people who participated, took the challenge very seriously. Instead of answering the quiz, they broke the system. They did not have to work hard to do that...they manipulated the system by 'using' back buttons, they found out that the right answers were not 'accepted', they broke the daily limit of two questions...(yes you can't know more than two security concepts in a day) to bring the contest to a grinding halt.

Organisers had to 'suspend' the event and bought towels in bulk to wipe eggs of their faces.

Why do Eggs seem more tastier when it is on someone's face than your mouth ?

Information Courtesy : Infoworld

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Anonymous said...

its.. synonymous to "thiruttu manga"!!

Eshwar said...

Haha that was hilarious.