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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Algorithm to lyric writing... ?

Ramesh Mahadevan, is a very gifted and talented writer. He writes on various topics with adequately exaggerated narration, humorous & witty puches and free-flowing style. While googling to find out whether he has a blog, i ran across this article, actually couple of them, about Vairamuthu's lyric writing.

A snippet from his article...

Algorithm number 1 is very simple. Just take any object. Think for a second and discover one of its attributes. It doesn't matter if there is anything creative or poetic about the attribute and the object. You simply say 'Object-kku attribute azhagu'. For example,

Rasathukku uppazhagu, vishathukku warning azhagu
pazhathukku juice azhagu, kizhathukku thadi azhagu
(Salt beautifies rasam; 'warning' beautifies poison; juice beautifies a fruit and a walking stick beautifies an old person)

You can carry this one step further and compose the next stanza,

Wire-kku current azhagu Vaigaikku karai azhagu
Vayatrukku thoppul azhagu, vairathukku muthazhagu
(current is cute for the wire bank is cute for Vaigai river bellybutton is cute for the belly and diamond is cute for pearl)

For the actual articles please follow the links Algorithm 1 and Algorithm 2

His Website

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