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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Archives, Features & Requests

I am hoping that Google listens to users request for categorization of blog posts. I would like to add to that request by asking the categorization to bring posts from archives as well.

Till the time google offers that feature, I decided to take on the responsibility myself. Most of my blogs are marked with distinct qualifiers like [song watch] [book watch] [sports watch] etc to help inform the user the context of the blog.

To allow for the look up from archives, i've compiled (manually though) the list of past music/book reviews into a page that will be 'permanently linked' from the sidebar (right under my profile).

Please use them to pull up reviews from archives. To enable easier usage, the page is marked with 'Last updated date'.

I am also planning on coming up with a 'review request tracking' page that will help keep track of the numerous requests, that you all keep inspiring me to write :-)

Hope this helps. Ideas most welcome :-)

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