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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Shark Tank

I am yet to pick up new set of books after the recent 'History of Tamils' & 'Summa Theologica'. Before mid-2003, i used to limit myself to the umpteenth read of Sherlock Holmes and not the best, but still cut above the rest, Hercule Poirot - though always whining about how it does not stand up to Holmes. Since late 2003, thanks to AN, have diversified my reading portfolio and started to include many subjects. Since those days, it has only been the past two weeks that i have not had any serious book to read. This period of no-books has literally pushed me into a vaccum. Never knew i was that addicted to books. Have to pick up books positively this weekend.

As a filler, i resorted to Computerworld's & Infoworld's of the world. Pretty casual reads, but they don't even standup for one-way of the commute :-(

Notwithstanding the tech-talk in those mags, the lighter moments were the best. Last week i had posted about how 'eggs are tasty' from Infoworld.

This week it is from Computerworld.

Funny Scene 1 : During a demo of 'email client', the company asked the user to pick his most important mail, deleted the mail - to show how it can be salvaged. And guess what happened next ? He never managed to restore the 'most important mail' of the user.

Never do 'live demos' again

Funny Scene 2 : CIO emails all employees via the company email explaining how company email will not be available anymore on the web for security reasons. He gets a mail back by an employee from her company mail id saying she never knew that the company had email and she was interested in getting one. The CIO promptly forwarded the mail to the network & admin department to get her one :-)

Reminds me of the ad by IBM "I sent an email about the email server being down"

Funny Scene 3: While at the salon, X told the stylist, 'just now clearing up the mess that my boss had created when he killed the server'. It took a long time for the shocked stylist to understand X did not work at a restaurant rather in IT :-)

All of this and more can be read at Computerworld.com

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