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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Continuing unfinished business....

Munimma a.k.a Bunkum Verbosa had written this Part-I of a story and thrown an open-ended offer for anyone to continue/complete the story.

This is my attempt at the same.

Sowmya's nostalgic moments were cut short by the cry of the phone. She knew it was her husband. He usually calls her up for sweet-little-nothings for a few minutes amidst his hectic IT job. She excused herself and walked over to the phone. She could clearly feel how odd it was. Normally, she'd run over to pick up the phone, but this time around, there was this tiny little hesitation. She hurried the conversation and she could clearly feel how obvious it was.

"Sorry Rajesh, that was my hubby"

Rajesh said "I did not mean to interrupt.." getting up, as if preparing to depart, nonetheless hesistant.

It was only understandable that the unspoken emotions masked the spoken words between them during their teenage. It had just been a year after Sowmya had come over to their colony, when fate had its own way. Their relationship never had the oppurtunity to develop, with Rajesh having to bow to the parental-pressure of taking up engineering and having to stay out-of-town. He'd invent many excuses to come back home, possibly once in a month.

"Coffee is getting cold, shall i warm it up again ?". That was sowmya, affectionately. Not sure what adjective one would use to describe the affection.

It was understandably difficult for both of them to talk about how they ended up where they are.

He was the one who had serious feelings, if it could be called that, but was never bold enough to make the ultimate decision to convey his feelings. All the junkyard of movies he had watched, had programmed him to worry about how he may end up losing even being with her, if he popped the ultimate question (azhudha kaadhali annanu sonna...)

On her part, she obviously felt the flirts and passes Rajesh made at her was openly indicative of his mind. But knowing fully well, the prankster Rajesh was, it would be tough for her to even know whether he was pulling a joke on her.

All the while, they knew each other better or so did they think.

And then it happened, one of Rajesh's pranks terribly mis-fired.

(who's gonna continue the story..? they have the liberty to either add one more part to the story to throw it open and make it soap or complete it, making it a short story)


Ram.C said...

That's a good continuation, arvind.

BTW...thanks for blogrolling me.. I hv blogrolled you as well.

Arvind said...

Thanks Ram ! yet to leave a comment about your Anniyan Review....will do soon :-)