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Friday, June 24, 2005

Blogger opens up attaching images !

Finally, Google has relented !!!!

More details on Blogger opening up on attaching images can be found here

What's more, they let you choose the layout of the where the images can be, upload the full-sized picture and scale it down appropriately :-)

Nice !!!!!


Ganesh said...

hey aravind
thanks for the info

Raman said...

That's pretty neat, especially the ability to specify where in the post you want the image to appear. But, not much use for me though :-)

Arvind said...


May be, once they add categorization to it, you'll be back to blogger :-)

Raman said...

Yeah Arvind, Absence of the ability to categorize posts was one of the reasons that I switched to Word Press some time back.

But, am not sure if I would like to switch back. Blog posting at blogspot can be excruciatingly slow at times!

Arvind said...


Google is the 'sultan of speed' - let us see how they face your challenge :-)

ioiio said...

Hey thats a nice piece of info..
Btw Im from Crescent too 2004 ECE batch..

Raman had posted some info on crezzie blogger gang.. SO here I am

thennavan said...

Arvind, have blogrolled you :-)

Arvind said...

Sathya a.k.a io

Thanks, which article by Raman are you referring to ?

ioiio said...

THe info is on the comments section of the post with beer bottles/cocktail glasses

Ram.C said...

that's a good info arvind..

i can make use of it very well..

bye bye "hello"..thanks for supporting so far.

Arvind said...


Reciprocated :-)


Nice dude, world is a small place for big blogs ;p

bye bye hello - was a nice phrase...che i shd have used that !

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