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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Book tag

The recent phenomenon in the blogosphere has been 'book tag'. By this, one writes about the books they have had, they read, books they like the best and 'tag' five other people. The five who have been 'tagged' inturn do the same, there by 'networking' people.

I have been tagged by 'Robbie' of Scientific Masala

Books I own: Have never counted, but not that many i'd guess. I rarely re-visit a book after I read...

Last book I Read: History of Tamils & Summa Theologica

Three books that mean a lot to me: Trick Question. Not to say these are written in stone. (I've changed five books to three, but ye all must still use five book format)

Sherlock Holmes Series : Holmes is "THE BEST" detective character ever produced and i will never give up a chance to read them again

Larry Ellison, Intimate potrayl of Oracle : This was the first corporate/biography mode of books that get me into reading like crazy. Hence will always eat the extra space in my heart. (Find details in my review archives)

Dilbert : Best of Dilbert series - Scott Adams has a knack for capturing and adequately understating the workplace humor

I tag :
Well, i think i will play it safe by tagging Raman ,Siva,Eswar,Arun,Manoj

Gentlemen, please do the honors !!


ROBBIE said...

I see that you shrunk the list to three from five, haha! Hmm! Interesting list. Dilbert... I swear I would have included it if it came to my mind earlier. havent read "THE HINDU" for a while.

Arvind said...


you lost me on reading "the hindu" part :-)

ROBBIE said...

Dilbert was featured in THE Hindu for quite sometime. I dont know if it is these days. But if I remember right it used to be on the sunday edition

Arvind said...

was that right, dont know how i missed that back home ! :-)

ROBBIE said...

Oh maybe the Indian express, jeez! this is the problem when you get two newspapers at home. I think it must have been the Indian express.

Arvind said...


for how long have you been wanting to turn blog into a IM tool ? ;p

If you wanna take some discussion offline, checkout my profile :)

Raman said...

What is this book tagging daa? The newest fad on the blogosphere?

Will take up the baton over the weekend. But, where do I go for the 5 ppl to tag on!

Arvind said...

Not just book tag, there are even crazier tags !.

Where will you find 5 ? - that is the beauty of the tags - you get to network people by tagging them and letting them know - people whose blog you silently watch or even otherwise :)

Shiva said...

Ur tag has been honored.

Zeppelin said...


u have asked me to sail in unknown waters man.... me not a big reader...

but couldnt help retorting with a ...TFM tag one of my buddies passed on to me.. hehe