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Friday, June 24, 2005

You are a winner !!!

Before you jump to the conclusion that this is some kinda evangelistic post, let me make it clear that i have no such noble intentions.

Yahoo! has the 'Oddly Enough' news section that brings together all kinds of (guess what) odd news items. Well, the following one is surely not odd.

A radio contest announced that the 10th caller would get "100 grand" (grand means thousand dollars). Sure enough, there was the tenth caller who was proclaimed the winner and when she was about to collect the prize, she was given Nestle's 100 Grand chocolate bar. A legal fight has ensued to determine the rest.

This reminds of the hilarious event narrated by my college mate M. In a local saidapet cricket tournament in 1997, it was announced that batsman with most number of 'sixes' would win 10 dollars as prize. And there were many contenders, some serious, about winning the prize. On the d-day the winner was given 10 'murugan padam pOtta dollars' LOL :-) (dollars are the small, variously shaped, metal plates that can be attached to one's necklace or chain :-) )

One more news, that i found funny enough is that, one school in Minneapolis, has decided to offer 'online physical education classes'

I think in that spirit, the blog world can come up with virtual blogs. Where there will not any new postings on the blogs and the reader has to 'imagine' the post instead. But it should be mandated that they still comment on those imaginary posts ;-p LOL.

Dragging self back to the work week ahead....grrrrhhhhh....


Ram.C said...

murugan dollar - itha engeyo partha mathiri irukke?

BTW...did you make any change to this post? I found this in the bloglines...

Arvind said...


you lost me there ?