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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

DC Area Blogger Meet - Update

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

As a follow-up to the original announcement, please find the *updated* information about the meet.

It is set to be SSV Temple, Saturday, 9th of July, 2005 at 4.30 PM. Please find the directions to SSV Temple here

This is just a 'break-the-ice' kind of meet that would hopefully lead to more regular meets in the future. There is no specific agenda other than just getting to associate faces to the blogs :-).

Design Courtesy : Senthil

Kindly comment on this blog to indicate the possibility of your attendance :-) Meet you all there, soon !

p.s : would request all to honor the 'privacy' concerns of bloggers who do NOT want to be photographed.


Ganesh said...

Hi will be there !! :)

sen said...

Ullaen Ayya.

Raman said...

Will be there. Great that we have a logo for the meet! Thanks to Senthil, we may the first bloggers meet with an offical logo :-))

And about breaking the ice, it is most probably going to be ice-melting in the sweltering heat at 4:30 pm :-) So, we are going to
"phase" out the meets and this one is just to associate "faces"?

And whatz all that about privacy concerns and not wanting to be photographed? So, if there are group photographs, are we gonna make the faces fuzzy like they do in some real life documentaries ;-)

ROBBIE said...

will be there if ganesh picks me up.

Ram.C said...

enshaai, guys. hope the non-attendees can also comment here.. :-) :-)

Shiva said...

Super cool logo Senthil.
Will be there..

Arvind said...


I was expecting a 'dream' visit from you ;), ipdi non-attendees nu solliteengale ;)

ROBBIE said...

Arvind dude! I hope you saw or heard people praise ROGER FEDERER recently. It seems like your Sampras theory of the greatest ever is gonna come crashing down. I heard that Sampras has been getting nightmares about Federer breaking his record.

ROBBIE said...

I am bringing a camera to shoot ganesh for sure, there is no way in the world anyone is gonna prevent me from shooting him down with the camera:P

thennavan said...

Ayyayyo, blogger meet le oru shoot-out nadakkappogudu; yaaraavadu Ganeshai kaappaatrungalen :-)

sen said...

thanxs guys.I see lot of blogs in thennavan's bloggers list for DC. Should we have to inform these bloggers??.

Kaps said...

Have fun!
Please post the photos of bloggers who wish to be photographed?

Arvind said...


Are you gonna taken Ganesh 'for a ride', while expecting him to give u a ride ;p

We will discuss about Federer vs Sampars separately in your blog ;p

Arvind said...


I guess we have to 'pixelate' the faces that don't want to be photographed :-D

Arvind said...


Not a bad idea ! :)