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Friday, July 22, 2005

[Music Watch] Thiruda Thiruda

Thiruda Thiruda by Mani Ratnam, with P.C.Sriram and music by A.R.Rahman. It was one of those movies that had no logic and was purely entertainment movie. It was rumored to be entirely re-shot after MR did not like the outcome of the first rush. It was a big time flop at the box-office but had some of the best music and amazing camera work.

Rasaathi - Shahul Hameed & Co

A totally new voice was creating waves with the release of Thiruda Thiruda & Gentleman. Shahul Hameed it was !. Very different and pleasant at the same time, he was an instant hit with the audience.

It opens with Raasathi, and you can immediately bet your life, that you have never heard of such 'sounding' song before in your life !. Pallavi is simple and awesome. especially, the lines 'nee pona en'. Vocal harmony is all you get for any musical backing or interludes.

'mmmmhmmm's by the male harmony produces the equivalent of bass effect. 'aaah's by the female voice is nicely layered. First up, a single voice hums that, and then a chorus joins in. Looking at such wonderful layers of vocal harmony, Man, you are floored already and yet to even get to the stanza.

Shahul continues his rendition of the main theme, while the harmony picks up a faster tempo, and you could hear the first traces of bass (the only instrument in the entire song) being used. The male harmony, adds to the nicety in the humming (Manajal Araikkum Munne, 00.59 )

Every single line gets a vocal harmony which nicely complements the line. Listen to porava ponava dhaan at 1.13 - 1.17. The stanza is finished with a nice hum by the lead with harmony continuing.

The second interlude is made up of just female vocalists humming the theme of the song, with male vocal harmony providing with a such a peacefully satisfying tune.

The second stanza follows the first stanza to a 'T' and the song finishes off in the same vein, just that all the vocal harmony tracks are 'layered' to produce amazingly soothing effect.

The song proved early on, how much ARR loves to experiment. The song for the most part is bereft of any musical instrument, but for best ever known musical instrument, vocal chords ;)

It conveys the emotion of sadness caused by separation, excellently well.

Rating 4.6 out of 5

Kannum Kannum - Mano & Company

Yet again, the song starts with vocal harmony. The first time i heard it, don't know what hit you !. It was such a 'never-before-heard' in Indian Film Music type opening. You can replay from 0.00 till 00.23 and it will never disappoint you.

Mano starts the song with Kannum and immediately one notices the novelty. Every line alternates between a 'tick' kinda rhythm and hard-rock rhythm. The guitar work along with bass is awesome. The pallavi lines get repeated twice, before the first interlude sets in. The interlude is simple and cute. The stanza still uses the bongo ticks and hard-rock pattern. Bass guitar is the best part of the entire stanza.

The variety of voices/sound combination is evident by the use of 'vocal oohs' and the vocal effect at 2.22 - 2.27. The second interlude continues the vocal effect seen in 2.22 - 2.27 and uses the female vocal harmony to amazing effect. The guitar accentuates the hard-rock effect of the song.

Some of lines in the lyrics are funny, while some of them are downright superb like edhiri peyarai solli adhithal vetri endre artham. The song is relatively short by ARR standards at 4.06 but the tempo of the song is so fast that you dont even realize it has been just that short.

The song drags you into shout your heart out or shake your body out mode and you can really feel all our stress thrown out at the end of the song. Ecstatic best at the higher octaves and soulful swaras at the lower end.

For the carnatic music lover in your - learn agmark Sivaranjani from this song :-)

Trend-setter, pathbreaking rock song - and appropriately rocks !

Rating 4.7 out of 5

Konjum Nilavu - Anupama & Chorus

What can one say about this song ? About the husky vocals, the awesome programming, jaw-dropping rhythm or the tune itself !. This truly was a master-piece song from ARR's stable.

The song starts with opera like singing. The rhythm is such a free-flowing programming, built on top of traditional beats. Lotsa 'sounds' can be heard, that add the 'techno' feel to it. Bass, is noteworthy here. I think just the sheer work that goes into programming such stuff deserves high applause. The high point of the song is 'chandralekha' with nice chorus humming and superb chords. Interesting to note that some of the bass patterns were slightly touched up and used in 'oorvasi' and 'andha arabic'.

The stanza continues the bass loop, with ARR's forte, rhythm, being tweaked with techno effects like glass breaks etc. It already transports you into a dreamy fantasy mode, and wait till you hear the stanza. To the observant ear, you can notice the wonderfully done synth track that runs through the length of the stanza. The beautiful aspect of the stanza is how the melody theme, even though is very carnatic'ish gets superbly made-over to a western style. Listen to 'vandhu naan' at 2.32- 2.35, one could easily do an alaap in natabhairavi or related raagas as an extension to the song, but still one can swear that it is purely a western style song ! :-) Funny it is to realize that all music is contained in time-sequences of the seven swaras :-) !!!!!

The Suresh peters lead chorus at 2.47 through 2.55 adds a twist to the seriousness to the song and brings an awesome cresecendo to the song by Anupuma. The high point about the crescendo is the 'veena' piece between 3.05 and 3.08. No words to describe how we get puppetted at the wizardry of the music. Anupama scales the upper octaves as easily as she brings the seductive huskiness to the song. The second interlude is basically a re-work on the theme of the song and some from the first stanza. After a very brief pause, the song goes into the meditative mode yet again between 4.14 - 4.32 with the loop being played out by synth this time around. Yet again, the veena shows up for the brief cameo and brings the song back to its final phases, where Anupama once again lends so much 'emotion' to the song. The song finishes off with yet another amazing piece of higher octave singing and great work with the veena between 5.33 and 5.40

The end kinda wakes you up from the high-tech trance the song caused you to enter into :-) Only ARR !

Rating 4.7 out of 5

Putham Pudhu - Mano & Chitra

Sounds of thunder & rain greet you in this sweet melodious song wonderfully picturised in lush green background. PC Sriram and MR combo at its best ! Notes played by 'Bell' signifying rain drops (ARR does that often). Flute chirps away as if birds are dancing to the tune of nature, when beautiful run through of piano happens. I can still remember, how my friends (AP & AS) and I were excited to place our head right in-between in the two speakers of his boombox and see how the piano-roll would travel between one speaker and the other !. Chorus singing, violins and flute form the rest part of intro for 1.05 minutes into the song, before the actual pallavi starts.

(Remember all the audio casette store walahs ?, how they used to crib, "indha payyan, *in apparent reference to ARR* vandhapram, paatu ellam 5-6 nimishan ayidichu pa...munnadi ellam, 4 nimisham vandhale perisu" with a big sigh ! )

Mano opens the song with putham pudhu and Chitra follows him. There is the simple piano chords with lotsa treble, minimal violin instrumentation for the pallavi, and chorus is back at it again. The interlude is so wonderful, yet again, it transports you into such wonderful locations like only Ram.C manages to find :)

Mano continues with the charanam - Sondha Agayam vendum. Treble support continues but the bass steps in do amazing things to the song. Listen to the bass at 2.10-2.12. (Arun@Musicpaithiyam is to be blamed for all overflowing references to bass :P). The orchestration is simply superb and some of the lines (lyrics) are quite nice punnagai enghal thaai mozhi endra varam kodu is an eternally appealing line to lyricists of all times.

The second interlude is a show that is hijacked by the violins that continue with the dream world theme. Short but quite nice. This one song has quite a lot of chords that are underplayed, highly unlike ARR. As said earlier, the piano, violin, flute and heavy bass (awesome pieces between 2.13-2.15 and 3.36-3.38)

The lyrics, do definetely need some deserved credit. For the optimist, asking for peace, no cross-border disputes, no poverty, deserts turning into oases etc and are very good and fit well with the context of the song. Hopefully it just does not limit itself to the 'dream world' and works its way into reality as well.

Very melodious, sweet, simple and wonderful song.

Rating 4.7 out of 5

Thee Thee - Carolene

Jathis (Jathi Raja ?) and slap/bass guitar presenting 'straight from the book' opening of a perfect western-classical fusion song welcomes you to Thee Thee. As always with ARR, the complements of heavy percussion alternating with melody is brought out amply in this song as well. Carolene does the honors with this song, quite easily sung with beautiful chords. ARR redefined how chords get used in music arena after his arrival. This song is a classic example of the same.

Since we talked about fusion, this song is based on raga Bahudhari (S G3 M1 P D2 N2)-yes there bas been some liberal usage of 'ri' . Interlude treats you to another fusion of swaras sung out, with jathis and good work on drums leading you into yet another trance. Kannukul Thee Irundhum sets the stanza into motion with lovely chords with simple jathi backing to the fag end of the stanza.

Starting at 2.55, Tte second interlude IMHO is the best part in the entire song. The guitar plays amazing swaras from bahudhari. And you can keepo the inimicable Naveen on the flute away can you ?. Till you reach 3.30, the song maintains the racy tempo with fusion ambience produced via the rendition of Bahudhariraga. Listen to 3.27 - 3.28, how wonderfully Naveen executes that piece !!!!!!

Second stanza offers nothing new from the first stanza and the song gets ready to sign-off, with simple improvisations on the jathis and ARR unleashes another session of jathis and slap guitar and piano to end the song !.

Wonderful ! Watch out the bass riffs throughout the song ! nice one !. Fusion at its best. Even though western, carnatic style are in the race, in the end, the listener is the winner :-)

Rating 4.7 out of 5

Veerapandi Kotayile - Mano, Unni Menon, Chitra

Chitra (?) opens the song with a hum with immediately, a very innovative rhythm pattern sets in. If i remember correctly, it was played with rings (worn on fingers) tapped against (something like) cocunut shell. The thumping of rotosets the pace for the song.

Mano starts off with 'veerapandi kotayile' and now honest confession... ever since i heard that song, 'veerapandi kotayile' has always been 'punctuated' with 'zzzaaan zzzaan zzzannn zzzzan zzzzan' by the strings section. It is so addictive !!!

For the discerning listener in you, ARR has done voice layering. Mano sings a bass layer as well with his higher octave voice. Get a good ear-phone and a stero system, pump-up the volume and there you can hear him. Very nicely done :-)

Unni Menon backs up as the second male voice for the song. He does an equally nice job. His market picked up after ARR brought him back into the circuit. But poor him, with advent of Srinivas (who has similar voice/style) his market has come down drastically :-(

By the time pallavi is complete, you are 2 minutes into the song, but that does not take away the surprise element - finishing line of the pallavi. Listen to 1.59- 2.03. The 'ohh ohh' vocal are just out of the world - it goes through un-expected hoops with awesome string backing.

The pallavi itself has a 'recitative' feel to it - more like a narration than a song - which kinda gels well with the fast tempo. ARR, IMHO, has mastered the art of 'recitative' songs. Many of his songs have very simple and easy structure, that makes it easier to get into one's mind. At the other end of the spectrum, he has some of the most complexely structured compositions as well. (More on it, in a different post)

The interlude is very interestingly done. The tempo continues with minimal violin and flute combo, evoking the emotion of 'lonely night in a forest fraught with danger' :-). Checkout the section 2.57-3.03 beautifully done trumpet piece along with the orchestration of array of instruments . All of that paves way to the simple rhythm and chitra's voice.

Suddenly the song seems to take a turn for the 'softie' in you with 'rettai suriyan'. The pieces at 3.32 -3.36 distinctly brings a western classic touch to the song. ARR has used similar arrangements in Melissai (a very good song from 'Mr.Romeo') and couple of other songs (that i forget now). The instrument combo of flute, violin and strings bring that effect i presume :-)

The situation is supposed to bring out the herione love-torn between two heroes competing for her hand and the lines 'manavalan inge naanamma'and 'magarajan inge naanamma'provide for nice twist to the otherwise soft charanam and Chitra gets back to softie touch with 'idhu maalai mayakkam' and suddenly from nowhere, the song jumps back to 'ohh ohh' and back to pallavi !

The second interlude is really string in its bass'est mode (if there is a term like that ;) ). I can't seem to describe all the bends of the song in this section, but anyway within a brief period of 20 seconds, you get back on track with a normal theme and our now familiar ohh ohh and finally the chorus finishes off the song.

Pure and bold experimentation that gave us a brilliant song to like instantly. Sheer genius !

Rating 4.7 out of 5

Noticeably, all the songs had so many layers of musical tracks. That has been the hallmark of ARR. Many enthusiasts feel that, the number of layers explain why, sometimes, it takes so many hearings, for ARR's songs to grow on you :-). Every time you listen, you un-cover a piece. (To me, the only thing that comes closest to that experience is watching MMKR. Every single time, one finds a dialog that has been seemingly missed out, but is still rib-ticklingly funny.)

The Album for many years was rated as the best every by ARR - I would still like to think, it was one among his bests with his combined variety of melody, fast paced, fusion and experimental music. There has not been many such bold attempts at defying trend and setting new trends. For that very reason this album, IMHO gets a rating that is higher than the highest of any individual song :-)

Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5 ; if you don't have the album, go get it ! :-)

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Acknowledgements : Arun@MusicPaithiyam


Zeppelin said...

yet another good one ma man !!!!! kalakita... as for blaming me on the bass references, cant help it but the bass guitar just intrigues me as much as the people who play it !! :)


Ram.C said...

it seems you enjoyed writing each and every portion of this post, arvind. I can observe it.

good lengthy one. more than the words used for the lyrics!!!! I liked it (Eventhough, I'm technically unqualified to comment on the musical instruments / notes etc., which you have discussed)

Ganesh said...

ennavo pa
seekaram 2005 albumkku vaaa. :)

Shiva said...

arvind, can you also link the songs to MusicIndiaOnline or Raaga so that lazy bums like me dont have to search them and listen while parallely reading ur review...

Arvind said...


Thanks da - and bel. me, it is worth its blame :P

Sure i do - as i noted in my music review archives, it is 'karumbu thinna kooli' - i get to write about music that i love, and i get to enjoy it second by second :-)

po'va illa va'va ? :-) thanks

will start doing it henceforth. Do you also want the entire review 'read' out ? :-) (think Audioblog) ;)

Raman said...

As usual, a great review. Enjoyed reading it. But, are your reviews getting lengthier or is it just me? Indha paiyan vandha appuram, review ellaam 2 pagekku mele pogudhu paa ;-)

And an audio blog would be just perfect. Lazy bums like me and Shiva can get even more lazier! And as Robbie loves to put it, you have a great voice ;-)

SamY said...

IMHO u seem to be 2 humble ... ha ha

Aishwarya said...

Fantastic review, Arvind!

Thee Thee: beautiful Bahudhari notes, esp. the subtle and simple interlude beginnings which follow "Kannukul Thee Irundhum" - "Unnai Eritthu Kondarukamenna" - g m p d n s...just thinking how a simple no-brainer ascending pattern could evoke sheer brilliance in melody! :)

Arvind said...

I am not sure it 'got' lengthier -it always was long, i thought :-)

Part of it, is the second by second analysis i love to do :-) the other part is the 'scope' variety of the song :-)

also, as Robbie points out, you are one the most 'succinct' writers around, hence you feel it is long :P ;)

humble ? :-) 'ella pugazhum iraivanukke' ;) :P

Bahudhari is simply awesome, with its patented melody patterns like d n s m g s m g,
g m p d n S n p m g,
S n m g p m g

Arun & I were discussing, how 'yuhi chal' from Swades also is seemingly bahudhari atleast for the most part of pallavi.

Thoughts ?

Thanks :-)

ROBBIE said...

After (partially) reading your review, I decided to listen to thiruda thiruda another time and then I re read your review to find out how you had analyzed it... 10/10 dude. ARR will be proud of you, but I think that I should not stop short with praise. Like Swahilya says criticism will only help improve and a writer who has no critiques and only accolades will get a bloated ego and cease to be a good one. I love the way you express yourself but you still need to improve on being more succint in your reviews because there are very few people on earth like me and the rest here to read through. If you noticed most people here refer to the length being the problem not the content. It would be nice if you could maintain the content and reduce the length. Overall, awesome analysis dude! Hope you take our comments seriously:D

Vinayak said...

Another brilliant review. I have just ordered my DVD of Thiruda Thiruda. Can't wait to see it again. A "super" fun movie, I thought. The only movie, in which , I liked Prashant. :-)

About the music, what to say, I guess Out of the world.

DeaK.In.FroSt said...

you've done it once again...very genuine effort..I feel it straight from the soul. Every song is exploited to a great extend. Good info about background arrangement's, instruments and chord. Raga analysis is a notable effort. Hope to read more of your creative writtings soon!!!

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

nice post Arvind, the album was one of my favourites in middle school. I think you must post something on the musical score of Hey Ram!

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

btw did you read my article on science and spirituality?

Sriks said...

kOnjum nilavu,

is one of its kind song.
and way ahead for its times.
There is no song in tamil yet with that much power. Will never forget this song as I had the greatest pleasure in meeting the "Boss" during the recording break. :)

Sriks said...

and Arvind,
very good observation..:)
there are many things hidden in all the tracks. We can follow them with little more focused hearing
eg: usage of tamboora in chandralekha..etc :)
will explain you more when we meet.

Arvind said...


I for one, know the connection, 'hidden' as it may be, between you and konjum nilavu :-D.
I decided to keep quiet about the same :-)

Fellow chrompet'ite kku idhu kooda pannalena epdi ? :-)

But i never knew you were 'there'. Envy you :-)

Sriks said...

I decided to keep quiet about the same
danks, yes let is stay this way :)

Arvind said...


Arvind said...


'Sugar-coating the pill' as they call it ?

'It would be nice if you could maintain the content and reduce the length' & 'Hope you take our comments seriously:D '

Narada Narada - i do :-)

'ARR will be proud of you' Glad to hear that

Thanks dude

Arvind said...

Vinayak, Deak.In.Frost, Anand,

Thank you all, please help yourselves with many more reviews via the archives :-)

Enjoy !

sen said...

ennada ethu,
oru mini ramayanamey ezhuthirukkey.iam going to read it like a mega serial.Now i know why this big gap between ur posts.

Prasad said...

Hey Arvind:

Just dropped in to check out your blog. That is amazing music journal - good show. Keep it up.


Arvind said...


Thanks for dropping by :-) Hope you enjoyed it

Arvind said...


Mini-nu solli no insults please ;)

sen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sen said...

Nice review arvind.
thiruda thiruda is definitely a special albumn.When i was talking to one of my friend in delhi.he said how all the guys in the REC hostel in buhar used to listen to thiruda thiruda, after that i have heard it from so many north indians abotu thiruda thiruda.I considered that a phenomenal achievement for ARR, He took tamil song all over india,which many other MD's have failed to do.

ok in the lines of robbie.I feel u r pin pointing the highlights of the song without connecting them to paint a bigger picture about the song.like how a particular instrument is adding to the feel of the song etc.

Bludhound said...

Great review. Thiruda Thiruda remains as my favorite Rahman soundtrack. The variety and innovation in his album makes it a classic!

theonlyap said...

dei arvind..

i know that .. right frm the times of roja.. u have basically transformed to an ARR veriyan.. i still remember those days when we had hrs of discussions abt who is the best .. nothing to take away from arr..but i feel nowadays with his new album "aa aah"..he hasnot delivered much..donnnow whether its premature to judge abt that album as it got rel just now.. though his masterpieces are very rare nowadays..his old songs are still fabulous..now he has a great talent pool to fight with ..in the names of yuvan,HJ..though not in his class..but they are more or like his tunes/rhythms..

"By stating the above i know very well that iam getting into sensitive territory .."

I would be happy to see ur reviews on some old classicial movie by raja/msv also in ur section..


Arvind said...

Will do :-)

Thiruda Thiruda was ground-breaking, trend-setting album, one-of-my all-time favorites :-)

Regarding you 'thinking in the lines of Robbie' - ennangada gang-up panni round-katti/voodu katti adikareengo ? I think you are all conpheesed, idhu Ganesh site illai :P

Yes, i am trying to conceptualize as to alternate way of presenting the same content but in far-lesser space - parkalam :-)

Thanks :-) Enjoy more reviews via the archives.


am i a fan of ARR, sure yes. do i love music, heck yes. do i love other MD's music - undoubtedly.

Please dig the review archives to get IR's Singaravelan - Innum Ennai - which is one of my IR's all time favorites.

I am beginning to diversify into many different 'era's of music - will try and bring in a good-mix.

Regarding IR vs ARR vs Someone else....sorry am not qualified for that discussion.

Bottomline : You can not and must not compare MGR and Rajini.

sen said...

"Yes, i am trying to conceptualize as to alternate way of presenting the same content but in far-lesser space - parkalam :-)"...

Only you can write sentences like this da...you are a Isai Gnani(not because of ur reviews, because iR also talks like this)...

SamY said...

folks, think arvind shud be given a title in the blogsphere as the "blogsphere's Ko.Pa.Se of ARR" :p ... ha ha ...

arvi watch out ... ur being branded ...

Arvind said...

ko.pa.se - neengala edho paathu pOtu kuduga :-) Well, i will have to watch-out !

'ella pugazhum iraivanukke' ;)


"Only you can write sentences like this..." Looks like you are becoming my ko.pa.se ?

theonlyap said...

yup..u know i have been seeing ur stuff only recently ... i will check the other reviews soon..

meanwhile what happened to arr's symphony ... also what happ to IR's symphony...i knew that IR composed it but it never got released...anybody knows what happ ???


Arvind said...


I dont know what happened to the 'IR Symphony' - only IR can say what stage it is :-)

ARR's symphony - if you are referring to his Birmingham Symphony Orchestra presentation of his previously done songs - it happened long time back. It had its fair share of hiccups. But it was re-rendering of his filmi songs in a symphony based arrangement

Lavanya said...

Nice review. Thiruda thiruda is one of my favorites too

Arvind said...

Thanks Lavanya ! :-)

Slice Of Life said...

even after so many years people remember TT FOR ITS MUSIC and great photography..every song was a jewel
there were other films where the songs were good but bcos they were flop went unnoticed

Arvind said...

Thanks Uma, Indeed yes, it is a great movie :-)

Naresh said...

Thiruda thiruda is among the best of ARR's...

visit my personal ARR web page for more info bout AR Rahman



Arvind said...


Thanks :-)

What a name for a ARR fan - so bayangar kurumbana aasami pola neenga :-)

Doctor Bruno said...

I see many people asking you to "be Brief" in your reviews..... Please don't be carried away by those critics

We always liked your detailed reviews...

Adding a personal anectodes (like how you stood between two speakers to hear "putham puthu bhoomi") made me nostalgic as we too, in our school days used to do the same

Be as elaborate as possible

You are writing a review to enjoy music. This is not a commercial Advertisement review (which can be short and sweet).... A musical review should be elaborate



Arvind said...

Doctor Bruno,

Thanks :-), it is really nostalgic indeed !

Anonymous said...


just found ur site in a google search for Raasaathy lyrics..
beautyful review man ! damn good !
i fully echo ur views and i am crazy of all Rahman flutes :)
Tanha Tanha,Radha kaise jalen, Thee thee,,the list is endless huh


Arvind said...

Thanks Anon, it was pleasure reviewing this album - worth every second spent !

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comments and suggestions :)
Your reviews really make a good read. Very analytical and detailed, and relatable to, too...

Adi said...

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