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Friday, July 29, 2005

Bombay Rains & Nature

Bombay Rains
Moment of nature's fury is all it takes to wipe out all of "it" from the face of earth
Man's fury tries to do that every second, till his death :-(

Rains that knew no bounds
37 inches in hours
Hundreds of people dead in a single day
That was Bombay

Lands that know no rain
3 inches a year
Thousands of people die every year
That is Tamil Nadu (not just TN)
Does Nature know no communism ? Why this disparity/discrimination ?

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Anonymous said...

didnt know there was a poet in you..cool

Arvind said...

thanks anonymous :-)

don't know you are ;)

SamY said...

1st hand chennai cant withstand 37in /hr ... the city wud be flooded in no time for its lower than sea level for most part ...

n that was gud stuff of man's fury :) ...

ROBBIE said...

A very poetic description of two current issues, you took 6 lines to describe the problems of 10 million people.

Arvind said...


Thanks :-)


Thanks da - btb, is the 6 liner still too long for comfort ? :P

ROBBIE said...

I forgot to add the word just before the 10 million. I wanted you to be succint but it seems like you really did take it to heart:P

Eshwar said...

Arvi...is this by any chance the shortest post of yours ????

Arvind said...


'C says' are anytime shorter ;)

Anand Ramamoorthy said...

nature is driven by DHARMA or cosmic oreder acccoding to sanaathana dharma. according to science weather and associated phenomena are subject to chaotic dynamics. I guess Dharma operates through nonlinear dynamics as well.

Anonymous said...

millions of ppl die in Africa's due to starvation

on an average every 4 out of 10 Americans have more than one car.

bramaputra the longest river in India, almost floods west bengal and Bangladesh..

never seen water in cauvery for long time...

its all natures game...

Arvind said...


Good point that :-)


Yes life/nature is full of such occurences - the parting shot at the post should indicate why i was forced to take a 'view' unlike in other posts :-)

Ganesh said...

ennalo ezhutharappa nee
asathaldhan po

Arvind said...


Ganesh vida oru diverse aasamiya paaka mudiyuma ;) ?

Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

I guess Nature always teaches people a lesson that everything external is impermanent.

Arvind said...


If only people are willing to learn ! :-)

Ram.C said...


somehow, i missed this. good one.

Arvind said...

Thanks Ram :-)