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Friday, July 01, 2005

TFMusic Tag

Arun and Senthil had tagged me. Here we go......

Albums I own
Thiruda Thiruda, Sangamam, KanduKondein KanduKondein, Alaipayudhe
All of them are lovable to the core !....ofcourse internet radio always helps :-)

First album/cassette I bought
Chinna Thambhi (Prabhu, *Khushbhoo*)
Povama & Thuliyile were unforgettable at that time !

Present favourites
TajMahal. I was shocked when i first heard this album, but it has never failed to grow inside me, everytime i hear this. Especially Kulirudhu, Nee Enge, Eechi etc

(I interpreted this as what are the songs that are presently my favorites rather than what present-songs are my favorites ;)

Apart from that my nightly put-to-bed songs are from ARR collection, yesterday was Doli Sajakhe Rakhna (not TFM :-( )

I usually hum…
This is a phenomenon, that i have noticed in many music lovers. The first song you hear since the day started, sticks to your lips like a broken record through the day.
I have been doing some work on reethigowlai and charukesi and hence Thalaiyai Kuniyum/Azhagana Ratchasiye and Aaahista(swades)/yedho yedho (E 20 U 18) are on my lips today...

While on that topic, there are some days, you get up, and there is already a song on your lips ! - wow where did that come from ? :-?

Favourite music directors
ARR is "my man" as Srikanth puts it.
I love many IR, Vidyasagar songs as well. Oldies on&off :-)

Favourite singers
S.P.B, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra, Sujatha, Sadhana Sargam.

Favourite lines...
mmm...not much of a lyric person....so i'd like to pass it :-)

There is so much about TFM that i like, that am positive have forgotten to mention many. Music is really such a wonderful language to communicate with souls ! :-). No am not talking about aavi amudha ;p

Ok, the tag stops here ! :-) and anyone interested can take it forward


sen said...

music review ezhuthura mari konjam detailla ezhudha kudatha.i was expecting that u will mention atleast 100 songs with 99 ar rehman song.

kissa hum likengey is ur bed time song.hmmm... orey dreams thannu sollu. so every night you travel to greece to sing a duet.ok ok.

thennavan said...

Good list. As I pointed out, tagging cannot really capture what we like in a very detailed manner and it always leaves us feeling inadequate. I would probably be calling you after I get your contact info from Ganesh.

Anonymous said...

The first song you hear since the day started, sticks to your lips like a broken record through the day.

Heh. Or it's the first song you liked that day, or the song you were most recently obsessed with, or...

I've noticed though, that the time length of people's 'song ruts' has a very high variance, that seems to be independent of any reasonable variable I can think of. In my case, this translates into the unfortunate people around coming up with novel threats every other week. :)


Arvind said...


Everyday the album changes. Yesterday it was Kadri saxing his way to glory.

The day before it was Vidyasagar collection :-)

Anytime, you can also find contact info to get contact info via my profile ;)

Are you saying you are not victim to that syndrome ?

Well, am not discounting the 'first song i liked' theory, that also sticks, but sometimes :-).

Yes, with time length, I could not agree more. it still is, a factor of till the next song the sticks :-))

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you are not victim to that syndrome?

Nope, all I'm saying is that it's not necessarily the first song I hear that day :) But certainly, some song sticks like a broken record alright... :)


Arvind said...


Nice :-)