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Friday, July 01, 2005

TFMovie Tag

Ram has tagged me adding that i may not take it offensive that am tagged ;p

Though i watch many movies, i am not sure, i can even list 10 movies that i like the best. Let me give it a try.

1) Michael Madana Kamarajan
This IMHO, is *the best ever* movie that has been made in the history of any film making (ofcourse, of the ones i've seen). Inspite of watching it 100+ times...(literally, no exaggeration), i would never miss a chance to watch it. If only, i could get my hands on the original un-cut version it would be simply great !. The kedaram piece of 'tyoooon tyun tyuyunyun' for kamarajan is the unforgettable bgm !

2) Avvai Shanmughi
After MMKR, Kamal & Crazy Mohan combo tried to do many movies to recreate the magic. But the only movie that came close to MMKR was Avvai Shanmughi. Kamal is the man or sorry the woman to watch out :)

3) Poova Thalaya
Nice movie ! Gemini, Jaishankar

4) Indian
For the instilling the idea that *even one's own children* are not exempt from punitive treatment for corruption

5) Bale Pandiya
Hilarious Sivaji at his best

6) Thillu Mullu
Ample showcase of Rajini's comedy facet which i like best, next only to his villain'ous performances !

7) Pudhiya Paravai
Have watched this move tens of times. Can't place my finger on any specific reason why

8) Mahanadigan
Laugh riot by Sathyaraj making fun of *everyone* including himself ! :-)

9) Sathi Leelavathi
Yet again, Kamal and Crazy combo.

10) Dum Dum Dum
Nice simple movie, with very precise acting by Madhavan & Jyotika and Karthik Raja's best music score ever.

The tag buck stops here. It is left open to anyone who is interested ! :-)


Ram.C said...

maha nadigan..... !!!! a different one.....

looks like you have favoured a lot of comedies....

Arvind said...

yes me a humor man ! ;)

A.R.Ramachandran said...

I would recommend two more movies of Jaishankar, if you like comedy

(1) Nawab Naarkali
(2) Veetukku Veedu

Arvind said...

Thanks for the reference, i may have seen both but not sure...

Mahesh Ramamurthy said...

Kadhalikka Neramillai ?. Especially the scene where Nagesh narrates a horror story to Baliah.

Mahesh Ramamurthy said...

And I left out another all time favourite. Thillana Mohanambal.

Arvind said...

kadhalikka neramalai is close on the heels.....thillana mohanambal is an definetely all time great movie !

cosmicblob said...

Have u really watched it a 100 times!! Hmm...yeah watched it twice atleast - it's a really funny movie! :D


Arvind said...

funny is an understatement ;) !


A.R.Ramachandran said...


Here is my new recommendation.

I came across a 70’s movie – Sabadham – played by T.K. Bhagavathi and K.R.Vijaya (Ravichandran is the dummy hero). The credits include Bhagavathi’s name among ‘mattrum palar’ but my God, you must see him in the movie. I have never come across a better villain role in Indian cinema. He emotes in every frame and his villany oozes from every pore.

Bhagavathi plays a role of a old lecher who pretends to be his twin brother (after killing him). He is also responsible for K.R.Vijaya’s father death and KRV is now out to take revenge on him. How he is trapped forms the rest of the story. You identify so much with Bhagavathi’s character that when he is trapped in the end, you feel sad.

I like every part of Bhagavathi’s acting in this movie – his gait, his dialogue delivery, his machinations, just everything. It is a pity that such a great actor was not seen more often on the screen (though he was a well known stage actor).

As I saw the film on VCD, I could not resist my temptations to see repeatedly some scenes just for his dialogue delivery.

I recommend it as a comedy because Bhagavathi treats life as some kind of comedy and twists all the other characters around his fingers, and succeeds, Almost, that is. This is a movie by P. Madhavan and produced by K.R. Vijaya.

Arvind said...

Thanks for the reco - ARR :-) - will def. check it out !!

bhagavathi said...

Hello Mr.A.R.R and Arvind,

I was just scraping through your blogs, where i was shocked to see the movie statements given by A.R.R. I am actually T.K.Bhagavathi's Grand son and i really feel proud being his grandson as I could still hear people remember him. Thanks and Hats off to both of you.